Adjuster Missed layers,,,BIG TIME!

I have had some claims that the adjusters have missed.,.,as I am sure we all have.This AM/FAM adjuster had this one scoped out for 2 layers on shakes.So a total of 3.

This is INSANE!!!,12 layers.,.,The only thing I could do is contact the adjuster and agent.But with it being found yesterday and it being a weekend all I could do is leave messages.

I took many,many,many pix of this big pig and will contact them again in the a.m.

Has anyone else had anything missed this badly by the adjuster ?

I did a job for State Farm which was 5 layers of shingles and 3 layers of shake n I thought it couldn’t get any worse then that! I definately dont envy you on this one though it is great money. I took a million pictures and also took a large section and saved it for the adjustor. I met him 2 wks after the job was completed and he looked at it and said it was the worse he ever seen that it was unimaginable till he seen it in person. Good thing it was an adjustor I dealt with on a regular basis as he took care of everything. Though at first I said 3 layers of shingles and 2 layers of shake and he only though 2 layers of shingles with 1 layer of shake and we decided to just supplement if needed and to take lots of pictures, etc if needed. My question is with all the layers exactly how thick is that? Mine was 2 1/2 inches thick.


You beat my two neighbors i had a couple of months ago. The adjuster and I both agreed on 2 layers above shake… until tore it off. Whoever did the last few roofs, cut back 3’ up on the eves, and decked it all the way around the edge of the house. we ended up pulling off 7 layers of shingles and two layers of shake on both houses.

ive always got them approved with lots and lots of pics.

Maybe I missed something, but before you started the job, how many layers did your proposal to the customer say would be removed? Something doesn’t sound right here. With that many layers, my estimate would have been way more than the adjusters paperwork to the homeowner, which would have caused the homeowner to say something to me before I started.

I have a clause for layers unforseen.It specifically states this estimate/proposal is for the amount of layers on the claim and what is stated from the homeowner.

I have had several adjusters tell me to only peel back edges and make a professional call on the amount of layers.We are not allowed to dig into someones roof and assume the responsibility for any leaks that may be caused from digging.I have had adjuster meetings and that is what was instructed to me.

I went off the adjusters findings.He said 2 on shakes in his summary.

I do it differently. I always core sample and make sure what I’m tearing off . Since this job was a claim, it would have been replaced whether you dug in to it or not. I never do a job trusting an adjuster or any other persons drawing or figures. Its my job and my life so I don’t put it in others hands. Not beating up on you, just never met a roofer that doesn’t core sample before starting.

I can see your point.This home was 26 sq.About 10 sq. was 2 on shakes.

This home was signed a couple months ago.I remember signing the contract and that is about it.Back when she was signed we were super slammed by tornado work in Joplin.

We had 3 people meeting approx. 15+ homeowners/adjusters per day consistently.Almost 7 day’s a week.That is not including neighbors seeing you on a roof and wanting theirs signed too.I may have slacked a bit but we were overloaded and time was not a commodity.

Besides I am very confident that all layers labor/disposal will be covered.And no worries about beating on me.,.,I don’t bruise easy,hahahahaha

the whole point of it being an insurance claim, keeps your risk of not getting paid for the extra layers VERY low.

You have never met a roofer that doesn’t core sample? on shingle roofs? Ive never met one that DOES. We always peel up layers at the edge. that doesn’t always show you everything.

The contractor thought there were X number of layers to be torn off. After starting, realized there were additional layers. If you had missed the additional layers initially, you would not have proposed any more than you had pointed out to the adjuster.

Whatever was written in the proposal was irrelavent (on an insurance repair job) since the HO wasn’t paying any more than their deductible. Once it was discovered that there were additional layers of TO, the adjuster rightly paid for it.

Well the pictures were the determining factor with this one.The insurer was just as amazed as I was that the roof stood as long as it did.

The area that was checked by the adjuster was in fact 2 on shakes.


I did a 150yr old home that had 6 layers of shingles and one layer of shake. The adjuster only noticed the 40yr top layer and one additional layer. I sent in plenty of pics and they sent me my $6,700 supplement. It was a State Farm job. I’ve heard many people on here talking how difficult state farm can be but I’ve really had no problems with them. Granted they aren’t the company you want if your trying to get a roof paid for that doesn’t have much damage but I did 30 or so large homes in a small town that got hammered. All homes were over 100 yrs old and 80% were state farm. We ran into asbestos shingle removal, lead based paint removal, and just things you typically don’t run into. State Farm adjuster seem more experienced and educated with some construction background compared to the adjusters that had an office job at a bank changed profession took a couple day adjuster class and now your trying to explain to him why it’s going to cost so much when dealing with lead and asbestos.