Adjuster said it was a blister, I know it was hail?

I met an adjuster that said the hits on the roof were blisters, they were clear hail hits. What should I be asking as a follow up to that comment? Thanks for your help

If you are 100% sure I would request another adjuster meeting.I had a case like that a little while ago.The adjuster said no strikes and I said IMHO I believe they are hail strikes.I walked through the entire roof and ticked all the strikes.

I even showed him the indentations within the strike too.Still he stood firm.I took pix with my camera and faxed them directly to the agent.He rescheduled another meeting then the 2nd adjuster totalled the roof.

Sometimes you get a poker face that holds on to his opinion and tries to call your bluff.(IMO)Nothing pis*es an insurance company off worse than another scheduled meeting without a different result than the first.Too many of those then they get familiar with you and question your credibility.

normally only organic shingles blister from trapped moisture leaching out usally it happens on the sunny side of roof so if you have a south facing roof and its blistered but the north side isnt than you know it is just blistered also always have them look at the OTHER damage first like the gutter hits window screens turtle vents and gas caps point
out thoose first then focus on the the shingles but NEVER TELL him its should be totaled let him make the call steer him to the right thing to do. next time you meet him he will have your respect and will total the bordline deals because he likes you thiers a lot of money in this if you learn human nature and social skills good luck (NEVER HURTS)
some times you will run into a total ahole ( what are we doing here type) bit your lip remain professonal and turn in a re-inspect. youll make a name for yourself try it

Ryan, what kind of work/products does the company you work for sell/offer?

Just curious…

A close up look can quickly seperate a hail hit from a blister. Typicaly a hail hit will leave granuals on the point of impact while a blister will “pop” all the granuals off.

The Haag book shows nice pictures of each example.

If your sure it’s hail your looking at and not blisters have the insured call in and request a second adjuster.

If I had 5 bucks for every blister an adjuster circled I’d be able to take the rest of the week off!