Adjusters telling your customers to get rid of you and that they should find a diffrent cantractor

I’ve got several claims with a co.that was controlling loss severity, sloping ,minimizing ,ect.these guys told my clients to get a diffrent contractor .and just runing me down because I chose to represent my client fairly,honestlyand told the insur .to get diffrent ajuster to work the claim over .well they dont like me and are coming after me i need a lawyer for this and several diffrent bad faith claims .I’m in mo. if somebody has good attorney that can help possable a lot of class action

Have your attorney, or find an attorney, and have them put together and send a letter to the insurance company demanding they cease and desist in their slander and warning them of tortuous contractual interference. That is usually enough to stop the harassment. You’re in Missouri apparently so you have to be careful with what you do as that state sucks up to the insurance companies big time. So let an attorney handle it.

Are you roofer or public adjuster if you are just roofing contractor your not allowed to represent the homeowner you have no legal ground your breaking the law like 99 percent of the guys on this site only lawyer and public adjuster can represent homeowner so I would be careful i

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That may or may not be true. I’m not sure what Missouri law is regarding assignment of claim, but here in Nebraska the state Supreme Court has upheld contractual assignment of claim between the homeowner and the contractor. That allows me as the contractor to deal with the insurance company as if it were my own home.