Advertise what is better,yellow book,verison or internet

well ? any sugestions?First around where I am from, we have 2 ads coming out in one of the area phonebooks,the yellowbook,but not untill may,starve by than, there is also Verizon,they also have a phonebook, there prices are all hi,60 pr month, and 130 for 2 adds,also not till june, however to get out there faster ,the internet seems to be not only cheaper, but faster with getting our name out there…My question is ,I have been borowing all of the money to advertise, I only now have the ads in one of the books, the internet,craigslist is totaly free, and I already had some leads generated from that, anyway,what do you think would be the best deal here, either the internet for 60 per month,sounds like alot, or the other book ( verizon) for 60 pr month, kinda answered my own question…


If I were you. I would just get a listing. Nothing on the internet.

I would make up flyers. Go out to neighborhoods and put them in doors.

I am successful and do a 1 1/2 million dollars a year. I am not telling you this to brag. This week I will be out papering for slate work. I started a repair crew. I need work for them now. I know this works immediatly.

There are plenty of things to do without spending money you do not have.

$60/ month is cheap. that is cheaper than my newspaper ads. my verizon yellow pages ad is $145/ month