Advertising costs

how much do each of you spend on advertising. what forms of advertising. and what (besides refferals) is your best advertising payoff. i pay $145/month for phonebook ad. about $200/month for newspapers. currently website is down so that is @ $0. i also do door hangers to target certain areas which to my surprise actually got me about 4 roofs this year. that cost me $0 because GAF gives me the door hangers for free. im thinking of going into more phone books and newspapers this year.

Well marshall i have had good luck in the past with canvassing. Now some area’s do not allow this anymore but it is an effective way to drum up business. This last year i got the boss to let me train a canvassing crew and suprizingly they did more business than the phone book and newspapers combined. We have 2 guys that go out tuesday thru saturday. From 1pm to 7pm summer and 1pm to 5pm winter. Certainteed pays for all the materials for this and we pay for copying of some paperwork. SO in all i think it costs us somewhere in the 200 a roof range figuring in the customers not interested, also includes the pay of the guys canvassing. Now some days you cAn get 10 leads and some days nothing. Just the luck of the draw. We pay those guys 10 an hour + commission on a sold job. 2% of the gross is what they get. Its not for everyone so its hard to say if it will work for you. I think we did in the 200 roof range from canvassing this year. I could be wrong i dont keep track. I have some things i can send you if you are interested. EMail me and i will send them. Happy New year.

gtp i smiled when i read how much you pay people to canvass i thinks it’s great when employers respect there employees and what they do for there company. i would greatful if you send me some info. I will send you my email Thanks Frank

Were in the phone book, have a website, have fliers and door hangers but all the money we have invested into it isnt worth much. We get 95% of our business by word of mouth and priding ourselves on quality of workmanship, even if we cost a few hundred more than another bidder we usually get the job plus we have sweet sounding ladies answering the phones as well :wink:

Hi smiley GTP-What do you mean by canvassing the neighborhoods?How do these experts you hire accomplish this?
Appreciate your input- :slight_smile: