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what worked best for you guys the very first year you started???

The first year for us was canvassing. Personal canvasing not hiring a babling idiot to pass out paper. My partner did that for 2 years and got runnin. Yellow pages is a ton o cash, Yard signs work if you have work, Truck signs help alot even when running to get a pack of gum. Weekly papers have alot of bottom feeders in them with alot of 150 a square ininsured/licened folk. Tv and Radio are very high priced. Best bet run canvasing leads in areas with roofs older than 15 years. For me i have had great success with canvassing and still do it once in a while when it is dead slow. 75% last year success. If they are going to buy they look at it like this well this guy came to me. I have sold to salesmen, The highest educated man i ever met a dean of a business school so it must work, to name a few. You have toi have something snazzy. Q i can help you with thatemail me so we can discuss it further or call me at 586-489-7668 thats my cell.

We started out in ther local neighborhood newspapers. It worked very good as a start up. When our overhead got more expensive we had to change our advertising, though we still throw an ad in from tim eto time to get our name out there. Never had much luck with the Yellow pages, we even pulled all of our ads in them 3 years ago and our closing rate and quantityu is still the same, its our number of estimates are way down. So we aren’t wasting our time anymore running all those poor leads.
Now we are almost all referrals or previous customers. A perk for being in business longer than most of the other roofers in town.

The best thing you can do is do excellent work. Don’t let anything slide, do excellent work and the jobs will start coming in. Also, always give alittle more than they paid for. It doesn’t have to be anything that breaks the bank account. Something like when you are cleaning up and raking up the shingles, rake the yard, or clean out all the bushes. Trimm the trees around the roof. Make them aware of what you did and make them also aware that you didn’t charge them for it.

Well rather than posting i sent info and called QRFL. What a pleasant convo we had. Hope it helps Q! Just practice! You only learn with practice. Selling is an art not a born thing. Hope i could help.

same here , thank you for trying to help, wont let you down, it was a nice surprise!!
ill try to return the favor when the time comes :wink:

G has a point doing the little things makes the grade.

in reply to this old posting … i have to say that after spending $1,200 in a half page add in a local yellow pages phone book…

one month after it has come out it has allready earned me close to $10,000 and leads are flying in and it hasnt even rain!! …

big yellow book add= $$$$ give a little take a lot…

i give it … 5 stars :smiley:

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