Advertising question for the roofers on here

Gweedo, Lefty, Marshall, RoofBoss, Tar, etc…

I’m wondering what y’all have on your display advertisement / vehicle letting AS WELL AS what you might list on the ‘main display’ for your website (if you have one…).

For vehicle magnets or lettering, I’m thinking about a “2x3” or “3x3” kind of thing [meaning 2 or 3 bullet points wide x 3 bullet points high] under the logo I will be using, once I get it properly set up (here’s the logo):

So, under the logo I’m thinking:

Residential * Light Commercial
Low Slope * Shingles & Metal
New Construction * Re-roofing

For yard signs, maybe only the logo with “ALL TYPES ROOFING” & “INSURANCE WELCOMED” underneath (even though I really don’t have much experience in doing tile… but I’ll cross that bridge if I get a phone call for it).

I refuse to put “Insurance Specialist” on there, even though I see it everywhere. It sorta seems stupid to me & everyone out there seems to act like they are the only ones who know how work a claim to the customer’s benefit.

Any suggestions as to what I might do or notes as to your website might help me. I did a trade on about 3 squares of 3T repairs to a hip roof (no decking damage) & this is the site he built for someone else:
I may skip some of the flash animation as it makes the page load slower & sucks up more bandwidth.


I like your logo


Here is a picture of my gutter truck. … 7052xJvxIK

LOL ! tar monkey you are the man LOL

'04 dodge with logos & trailer

'06 dodge (my daily driver)

"04 dodge with trailer

i do like your logo. i wouldnt put anything else on the job signs…keep them simple. all mine has is logo and phone. mine is so recognizable in the area that people can tell its me just by the roof line. logo recognition!! i also make all my employees wear my shirts and all of my friends and family have my shirts. my bank had a marshall exteriors day and all the employees there wore my shirts on a friday (payday). everyone in my county knows my logo.


Nice logo

I have my web address, phone number and loge on the tailgate. Just the logo on my doors.

All my other trucks have the web and phone on the doors.

i have website across top of windshields


thats just wrong

is that dog a golden Lefty ? Nice looking trailers Marshall. We also use trailers.


Yes. He will be 11 in October. Cody has been in the truck with me since he was 2 months old.

bringing your dogs to work with you,trucks and trailers not photographed in front of taverns…jeez,whats this trade coming to anyway??? :smiley:

Marshall, your posts on here have always given me an opinion of you as being professional & your truck / trailer rigs reinforce that idea.

Nice looking setup. How many truck / trailer rigs do you have?

I’m comfortable being a one man operation (outside of my primary crew & the occasional 2nd line crew). I just don’t have anyone (yet) that I can 100% rely on to not skip some minor step that will botch a job or skip a step I priced out as included but the crew doesn’t think is all the required.

I think the yard signs will have the logo / name / phone # & website with “insurance accepted”. Are any of you guys ordering signs over the web or do you get 'em local? What do you pay for them? Basic black & white or any color?


i like your trucks guys very nice indeed


Why would you advertize that you accept insurance?


Why would you advertize that you accept insurance?[/quote]

where he is located insurance claims are big business. RHR as far as not trusting anyone 100%…you never will. I’m actually a kind of young guy in comparison to some of you 'ol dogs (33) so i figure push hard while im young and can keep up. i have 14 trucks (to answer someones question). i would go black and white only…i noticed when i began “marketing” that the colors tended to bleed together from a distance

i was fixing the tavern roof 8)