Advice on how to tie in addition with house- watershed issue

Hi there, I’m new to the forum. We are putting a 16’x16’ addition on our house, and the gable end of our addition is wider than the existing gable end of our house. This creates a watershed issue where the addition meets up with the house. I have pictures of this, but the forum doesn’t seem to be letting me post them since I am a new user… is there a way I can post the pictures?

We are looking for the most effective way to get the watershed issue dealt with. I have had someone come out to look at the problem and they said the only way to fix it would be to extend a new ridgeline out from the peak of the addition and basically move the valley over so it does not run into the addition. This will definitely work, but I was looking for something, well, less expensive and extensive. Could there be some kind of cricket/ other structure built in the problem area? Thanks for the advice!