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Sorry, Newbie on the site and the length

We had a hail storm which totaled our shake shingle roof. It is about 35 sq. and has a 12/12 pitch, whatever that means :smiley:

I’m taking this off some bids as I don’t know much about roofs but I’m starting to learn. We could only have shake roofs until the storm when the association came up with the following list of approved shingles we could use;
Elk Domain Winslow
Gaf Grand Canyon
Gaf Grand Sequoia
Certainteed Presidential TL Ultimate
Certainteed Landmark TLIR
GAF Camelot
It seems everyone is pushing the GAF Grand Canyon but not really sure if that is because it is that good of big money maker :frowning:

I’ve been reading this site for a while and figured I’ll just ask for help.

What would you guys recommend and why for replacement or would you go back with shake or something other than what is listed?

I just want to do the right thing. I would also like to know about ridge vents, what kind. BTW we live in Kansas and get plenty of wind, heat and yes hail. Thank you all in advance for the help and time on this issue.


Theres no one size fits all answer for this one. Those all appear to be upscale shingles. When I sell a roof, I always consider whether or not the neighborhood would support the investment. If it is a hot trendy neighborhood, by all means go with an upscale shingle, or your cedar shakes. If you’re roofing in the ghetto or out in the sticks, whats the point? If your in a neighborhood that supports it and you got the dough, the cedar shingles will definitely offer more curb appeal and you can recoup your money should you ever decide to sell, though I don’t know the useful life of them. If you buy asphalt shingles, go with GAF or Certainteed in my opinion, theyre hands down the best in the business. Your decision on a shingle type has to be tailored to your situation and what you like the look of.

You never know, I have sold High end shingles in many modest neighborhoods, my customers deserve the best and a lot of times that becomes the new model home for the area and they all want a roof like that. its best to always use the better,best,and even better sales aprouch and give them options.
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Severance & Gallant,

Thank you for the great advise. It is a neighborhood where ALL homes had to be either Shake or Slate prior to the storm. It was decided right after the storm we could use the listed asphalt shingles. The roof companies that have looked at our roof has expressed the cost to replace with Grand Canyon is the same as the wood shake which right now is about 15K. I just want to do the right/best thing for this replacement for both wear, value or resale. They all also tell me about the fire hazard on wood along with silver fish problems. The GAF Grand Canyon and Certain Teed Landmark TLIR if I go that route. The Certain Teed will give me a 29% reduction on my home insurance.

Thanks again and look forward to other information,


29% reduction on homeowners insurance? do you mean as opposed to the low fire rating cedar shakes? why such a huge discount? If I can do that I’ll reroof my house RIGHT NOW!

They told me that since it would be an Impact Resistance Class 4 roof it would give me a 29% discount or the premium would remain the same with the shake roof. They have a list of the kinds you have to have in order to get the discount. I would think it would be due to the hail/wind damage we normally get around here.


just came back from meeting my insurance agent (had an appointment anyways) and I asked him about it and he says no such luck here. It probably is due to that hail as you say. As a matter of fact, I was told that if I put an elementless bubble around my house it wouldnt matter here in Massachusetts. Was worth a try though.

I am not sure what the life expectancy for shakes is in Kansas but in Alaska we typically reroof a shake job that has been on for thirty years.
I just finished a three year project last summer that was installed in 1971. We tore off shakes, Dryed in with solid Ice & Water, installed shake liner then installed new shakes.
All the shakes we install have been sprayed with a fire retardant so the fire risk seems minimal.
Personally I think that I would go back with shakes ,although Presidentials are a nice shangle and I have installed several roofs in upscale neighborhoods.


I am not sure what the life expectancy for shakes is in Kansas but in Alaska we typically reroof a shake job that has been on for thirty years.


It all depends on how much or soon we have a hail/wind storm. Our roof is less than 10 years old but with the 3 1/2 inch size hail we received it totaled it out. I like the look of shake but my wife really doesn’t like it so we are trying to find something we’ll both like and looks good. I’m just not sure what is the best bang for the buck and will be go well in the neighborhood.

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If im correct Certainteed is the only of the two companies with impact 4 ratings. I might be wrong tho. DOnt do to much GAF. I vote Certainteed.

You might consider metal roofing - aluminum or steel. They come in a variety of colors and have a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.

For shingles that is metal is an entire different animal.

aluminum siding lasts forever too but it sure looks like crap quick! Don’t think aluminum is an option when you’re seeking beauty with 3 1/2" hail! Steel MIGHT be fine, not sure. Thats some serious impact.