Aerial estimate vs in person estimate -

We are a small real estate lender & foreclosed on some houses. Now several are rentals. We are not located in OH.

I have requested 3 bids for new roof on rental in Dayton OH.
Gotten two back. Co. 2 was recommended by our prop. mgr.

Co. 1) used aerial for estimates - very well known respected company, very detailed estimate regarding material, drip edge,etc. No mention of no of layers. Will charge $3/SF for plywood/decking replacement. Tamko Hertiage Bid $5150

Co. 2) personal inspection - well known, details of estimate referenced some areas with 2 layers vs 1, etc. If decking needs replacing $47/sheet or $4.75/LF. IKO Cambridge. Bid $12860

Co. 3) been a week & no bid back.

I am concerned that there is such a difference with these 2 bids. Very concerned that if we go with Co. 1 they will get on house & realize we need lots of decking replaced so the price will go up considerably.

Any tips/suggestions from the Roofing community?
Thanks in advance.

I am concerned that the first roofer missed that there is two layers. He needs to be informed about it and see if he wants to change the price.

You dont know what his profit margin is.
Two layers could destroy all profit
And then there could be a higher chance of bad workmanship.

Ive missed a second layer more than once
During the proposal.
It sucks!!
It is one of the reasons i never suggest a
nail-over to a homeowner.

I’d be surprised if the first guys terms and conditions don’t mention additional charges if more than one layer found. If not, rest assured, he would be hitting you up for more money when they did find out. At $3 per SF for decking, that’s $96 per sheet which is ridiculous. You’re going to spend $5000 with that guy on decking.

You may want to get another bid but I’d throw the first guy out. Bad business practices there IMHO.

Thanks. I compared decking prices & realized the same, $96/sheet. I can order from Lowes & have shipped to the site much cheaper than that. Of course I realize there is some labor involved but with nail guns doesn’t take that long.

Double layer or not, there should not be that much difference between the two estimates.

One of them is not correct

50or so a sheet installed is normal. Unless it’s 3/4 ply or something, which would cost more.
We knock a off bucks off a sheet if we are changing all of them.

Get a couple more bids.

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