Affordable Options

I would just like to get some feedback from the roofing professionals here on a rather new asphalt shingle available in the US. Onduvilla is The Truly Dimensional Asphalt Shingle.

It is tested to a 150 mph wind rating, comes in six (6) colors, installs like metal in that it is face fastened.
ONDUVILLA is backed by a lifetime limited warranty for the roofing material. In accelerated weathering tests—conforming to ASTM G 154 test standards—ONDUVILLA endured 10,000 hours without failure, which is five times the 2,000 hours of accelerated exposure required for code approval.

Looks like a flattened can SPAM.

Nice, another stone coated steel roofing material. Nothing special.

It’s an asphalt shingle with no coating at all. Not steel.

The pricing is mid laminate costs and it’s sold by the square with all accessories and screws included no matter the roof type.

I saw the product at a home improvement show.
I admit i was impressed.
It is very simular to the product they sell at home depot or lowes.
But instead of bigger sheets that did not look good on a residential house
Because you could see the seams everywhere.
They have made it into metal shingle size
More Mimicking the look of tile.
And i admit it looks good and i really think it will last.
It reminds me of about 5 layers of 30 pound felt glued together with a coating on top.

They use a high grade asphalt, recycled cellulose, and melamine with other proprietary materials to achieve a stable lightweight shingle. Melamine is used in our paper currency to bind it together. That’s why we can pull a $20 out of the washing machine and its in one piece! Onduline is the 5th largest manufacturer of shingles in the world!