Ahhhhh mold and wet plywood in the attic,, 4yr old roof

I recentlyhad a call for mold on the walls of a two story home ,a hip roof, looked inside the attic and saw nothing but mold on the plywood, the home has 4 small vents on sertant sections and ridge vent on 2 parts of the main areas,one side of the home ,at least 10 ft up and all the way across the entire bottom I saw mold, the plywood was wet and the bottom sheets had ice on them as well as being soaked, the roof is 4 yrs old… there also are the new gutter gaurds installed, you know the kind with the lip sticking up so when you get to the valleys, it sticks way up, so, what causes this and what do you sugest rather than replace the entire roof, the mold problem is bad, ,I sugested to pull the wurst of the sheets and do away with either all rige vents or all other vents anf keep the ridge vent, make the cut out larger, there is only 1 inch pr side in a 20 ft span, there should bea 2 inch cut out ,not 1 the width of the vents right? what should we do here? ps, the whole roof is about 30 sq…ps the contractor that did the roof ,1 yr on workmenship,they did not get the best roofer in town,so i figured 8-9 sq with caps or not, the shing come off and the plywood, fix the ventalation prob,add a solar attic fan… options?

my guess is a bath fan is exhausting into the attic.

Along with that you need to install more insulation because the heat is comming from somewhere. Have 1 style of vent on the home not 2 different types. If you send me the dimensions i can tell you what to do better. This thing happens all the time up here and i see it weekly in the colder months.

Find the source of moisture. Eliminate it if possible.

Check the status of a vabor retarder. Repair it or install it, whatever necessary.

Evaluate the condition of the plywood deck. If it is not salvageable, then repalce it after remedy is found for the moisture/mold problem.

hey there is a bath room exaust fan in the attic, good one,and I understand ,one type of ventalation system, ok,what about the ice and soaked moldy plywood ? there did seem to be enough insulation, however I could be wrong,was wondering about the mold after old moister problem fixed, will the mold die off with no more moister or heat coming into the attic? If we fix most of the wurst sheets ? I do have to go back to drop off an est, I will look at it all again…what would you all do in this case ???thankyou for all that respond

You better find the source of the moisture, I’m sure the vents are OK.

Bathroom vent leak?

4 years old, maybe a “not so efficient” furnace vent?

Something is pumping moisture into the attic. If you don’t find it, you’ll be doing it again in 4 more years.

im almost certain that either the bathroom vent or furnace vent has a leak into the attic, check which one is closer to the worst area of the mold problem and go in the attic with a flash light and really inspect it close up. you almost certainly arent going to get that kind of mold from a leak. it def. sounds like a moisture problem, and it sounds too bad to be poor venting.

The last home i came accross that was raining on the deck was a lack of ventilation and very little insulation. Reguardless the insulation must be removed and replaced due to it being wet and now useless.

well i cant help ya much but i do hate gutters, gutter gaurds, gutter anything.
as far as the mold goes.
were im at " you stop the wet , you stop the mold ".
that mite not ring true in your neck a the woods.



I would not give a price till I found where the mostiure is coming from.

I would say there is a good chance that ventilation is not the problem.

This is a job that could put you out of business. Even though you are broke, you should consider walking away from this job.

I would say there is a good chance that ventilation is not the problem.

I would say there is a good chance that ventilation is not the problem.

I would say there is a good chance that ventilation is not the problem.

To rule out ventilation is there any soffit vents?

How long is the ridge length?

What is the outside measurements?

Are there any bathroom vents? Do they exhaust in the attic?

How much insulation is there in the home?

Is there enough insulation in the home?

The heat is comming from somewhere, and not ventilating out. I see this once a week. Once you find your source of the heat then you are in business.

Before we rule out ventilation, lets make sure there is enough to begin with. 95% of the time ventilation combined with poor insulation (that you will have to replace) is the cause. You can add a bath vent to escape but with the high percent of home not ventilated properly this is a major cause. I have been in attics that have been raining from this. I do about 30 of these cases a year so its not abnormal for me. Find the source of the heat leak, if you can not find one it will be the insulation letting the heat escape.

Tigman give us the outside dimensions and the ammount of soffit vents so we can detirmine if there is enough ventilation. Maybe a few pics of the roof and attic would help to. The soffit vents might be blocked if they are there is a major problem.


I just straightened out a mold issue. Talked to the people a while. Found out they had a realitive move in recently. He took very long showers.

We caught it early. So there was not any damage.

So the bathroom vent is in the attic?


If you are asking me about the bathroom vent. The answer is no. There is no vent. There is window in the bathroom.

Well then by adding more insulation and replacing the wet should fix the problem from what you are telling me.


How is insulation going to keep mosture out of the attic?

Well if it is a cold climate and it sounds like it, a R-49 value is what is needed to properly insulate the attic. I have only found a few homes with this ammount in my years of estimating. Most homes have R-19 or R-30 in the attic, and thats just not enough with the way things are built now. Even homes that are older. The insulation will limit the heat from rising and hence lowering the condinsation problem. Go over to airvent.com and go to the proffessional side and trouble shooting and sales lit. area. You will find out all the answers to these wonderful problems. Hell last year i was in a home that was litteraly raining inside the attic the insulation was wet and useless and there was enough mold on the deck to cause serious health problems. I still believe in properly insulating and ventilating a home to prevent these types of problems.

ANother problem that i have come across with these types of problems is older homes that upgrade there windows to a fiberglass or a good vinyl. They up the R- value of the home and windows are a major loss of heat, they up it and the heat rises to the ceiling and then thru into the attic. Thats where insulation is most needed.

wait i’m lost…are we talking about 2 different issues here? because tigman was asking the questions before, now lefty is the one with the problem? what did i miss?

Not sure anymore just answering questions there Marshall. Hope your holiday was nice. Happy new year.


So you would sell the customer all these ugrades to their house. On this house I am guessing it would be $20,000. Could be more.

When all they had to do is tell that person to limit their shower time.