Algae-resistant shingles?

We’re re-roofing our house with Certainteed XT-25 shingles and trying to decide if we should get the algae-resistant version. Our roofer says the AR version is an extra $500. He doesn’t really recommend the AR shingle because it is warrantied against algae for 10 years and usually algae develops after that point.

We live in the Washington DC area and on a fairly shady lot. There is a small areas of green on our existing roof but we don’t know how old the roof is (we’ve only lived there a year).

I’m looking for input on whether the AR shingles actually are algae-resistant, whether that’s important, and if it’s worth an extra $500. Thanks in advance for any responses!

Unless things are different in DC than Indy, Certainteed only makes an AR in the xt 25.

If thats the case nice job on your roofer trying to make an extra 500.00… :roll:

Same here, all Certainteeds are AR now.

Sounds like your roofer is a great salesman.

AR’s are also priced the same an non-AR in Chicago.

Would a non-AR be better than an AR for the first ten years? I think not.