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In the last few months we have basically have been at each others throats. This is not helpful to anyone concidering the people that come here are looking for solid advise and help and all we do is argue aobut what needs to be done. I feel we should get together on a day in a chat room and discuss are differences and work them out so we can better help others. Those who know me know that i like to help anyone in need of it. We have some new memebers and we should get to know all of them a little better.

In other words we look like a bunch of monkeys *#$&ing a footbal sometimes and that is not professional and im the first to say im guilty of it too. Why not get along and help some people and maybe ourselves with our weaknesses and become better at help others and our fellow posters. If you feel it is important to spend an hour working out our problems and working together than we should get in a chat room and discuss things. Maybe even show one another a thing we did not know or clarifiy some things so we better understand each other. Im looking at a saturday evening around 7pm in a yahoo chat room. I feel this would be a good idea. Please post your feelings and leave your egos at the door please. This is a good site for homeowners and property owners so lets make it better by getting along. Thank you for your time reading this and have a good day!

i dont think it will help because there a few too many members here that think they know everything, and everyone else is a dumbass.

I think that’s a great idea even though I haven’t been involved with this site all that long . I believe you need to appeal to the professional roofer rather than the everyday roofer . This site is a really a cut throat site sometimes , I hold back quite a bid because the reactions i’ve gotten a few times were very unkind and ambiques . kudo’s to you gtp for at least trying to clean things up .

Hi all,

I believe this roof blogging site will regulate itself. There is a great book on how business blogging works to help your business and also how it can hurt you if you’re not honest or are always cutting others down. The book uses many company examples. Blogging has the potential of being our best source of information and ideas. The community who reads this site will begin to have respect for honest helpful input. The others will only hurt themselves in the long run.

This book is an easy informative read on how to effectively build your business with blogging.

The Naked Conversation: by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel

I guess I would be one of the new members. I’m up for it.

Hello all,
Joe here believes that the sharing of knowledge and opinions can never be a bad thing, right. I’ve been regularly checking-in on the site for approx. 4-6 mos. and I feel that basically this site is pretty much reflective of life… we get out of it what we put into it! so i’m all for a regular chat time, sometimes it’s just nice to have instant feedback and all.

I’ve only recently found this site. I’ve noticed a bit of “know it all” attitude, but I’ve also seen some very good advice. For those “tough guy- know it all’s” out there, you were new and DIDN’T know everything at one point. For those of us who are man enough to admit we need help, before ripping us or making fun of us, you might want to consider that.

I know everything. Naw just kidding. KNoledge is king when it comes to lif but in roofing it seem that all roofer seem to a diffrent bread of constuction worker. I think roofer in the construction industry get a bad rep. Im not sure why but i dont really care as long as those check get cashed and dont bounce iwill be fine. Share the roofers knoledge.

Hi all My name is Paul I’am new here I have roof for 15yrs and I would like all the help I can get about running my busy.
Thank you

Well, I know just about everything about roofing and running a business, so I am here to give my knowledge freely to anyone who wants it. :wink:

I really can’t commit to a given time to chat. I am way too busy, I am on here only when I have a few seconds at my desk. sorry.

Now if I feel you will be irresponsible with the knowledge that I may give, I may decide to not give it…so there!

You are right about that. That is good advice I know what you talking about.

The members on this site all need to get a long. We’re all doing the same thing and we all do it different ways and if it works for you good for you and if it works for me good for me. We will all never agree on the same thing so of course there will always be bickering, but it should stay at a professional level which is what we all are right?

I don’t advertise on any roofing sites and an email came in last Spring from a woman who said she saw a post I made on a roofing forum. She found my email address by joining I’m guessing and shortly there after I put a bid on her roof. It was a two layer asphalt, wood shake, re-deck, reshingle job, 7/12 20sq’s.

A few days after the bid I got a voicemail from the lady and it went something like this, “I got your estimate and I got the other estimate and even though your a few thousand more than the other roofer your estimate is so well written the only question I have for you is when can you start?”.

Ever since that moment every time I hit the submit button I think of that homeowner who saw one of my posts who thought, “who knows, this guy looks like he know’s what he’s talking about and he’s a local roofer”.

Wednesday (coming up) I’m doing a 13.33 sq 3Tab garage repair for someone who got my ad off of CraigsList.

After we exchanged Email, he did a search for me by business name & apparently a posting here on Roofing.Com popped up… he read the real estate inspection posting I did from about 1 - 1.5 months ago & said he had an appreciation based on this.

I don’t know if he got anyone else out for a bid, but I am doing the work & I do try to assist others here on this site whenever I have the chance.

You are right we should help each other out thats why on all my post you see my name john sorrentino there are alot of good roofers on here and if i can help anybody out or vice verse . We come from all different parts of the country but we still face alot of the same problems and one of them is being a Roofer or is that an American born Roofer anyway lets show alittle respect to each other i agree

Well, “Jersy”, I agree with you on 90% of your post… I don’t know if being American born has a lot to do with any ‘requirement’ to post on this thread.

I happen to know of a Brazilian, German & British roofer who all work in my region of Texas; I’m sure if they were to post on here their advice would probably also be taken under consideration.

Not to mention if someone were Hispanic… same possible results so long as they provided solid advice. I don’t recall any posts where someone asked how to address a leak or what brand shingle might be better than another one but they asked only for American nborn roofers to respond.

Beyond that, I agreed with your posting.

Jersey is saying it is tough to be an American Born roofers, to other roofers, not customers.

I think we’re at eachothers throats because it’s been a dead winter; so dead that even free questions to answer in here are far and few between.

I know I’m sorry for some things I’ve said. Whats done is done. I don’t just lash out and expect everyone to agree with me, I can accept other peoples opinions too.

hi american roofer’s
i read this post with great interest because we have just the same problem in england and every where else in the world , all the guy’s think they know every thing .

when people ask for advise they are told one thing by one roofer and some thing different by some body else , so all the back stabbling only makes us look bad , if we could all agree on the advise to be given , the paying customer would think more highly of roofing industry .

i have been in the roofing industry in england for 25 years , i cant ever see it changing , what amazes me even more even today when people place add for roofers , they say no experience required , of course you need experience , roofing is not some thing you learn in 5 minute , only the guy’s in the roofing industry can change this to get rid of all the cowboys that give the roofing industry a bad name .

and when we have done that we will get paid better ,LOL

regards john

WTF! Dont start bashin cowboys now. We kicked yer pale faced, brown socks wearing knickers once and well do it again you keep mouthin like that. Point taken but ya better rephrase that.

Where the ____ is Doctor Phil when you need him?

I have one great sugggestion for everyone to get along…stop putting bad information on the boards…that will make everything more at ease.

For instance, when some dumbazz tells a homeowner to first put on an aluminum drip edge, then put the modified buitumen over it…whose detail is THAT? WTF? Get it together, folks. Stop the friggin pansy assing and get to learnin.

I promise I wont call anybody any names, since youre all so friggin sensitive and ____.