Allstate brittleness test

So today at an adjuster appointment where allstate hired Eagleview to do the virtual inspection. They asked the guy to go to the wind damage shingles and perform a bird on this test on one with the wind damage. They then marked it as passing. Anyone else noticed this recently? I’m assuming their thought pattern is if no more damage occurs from doing the test it’s repairable?

Very common practice. He is checking to see if the shingles are repairable.

It is common practice. However I have never seen an adjuster bend the shingle far enough back to get a new fastener in place for the new shingle. The true test of “repair-ability” is to perform a repair and film it.

I am very aware of this is common practice thank you. I didn’t explain it properly to you guys. The shingle that already had a crease on it from wind damage. Was the shingle the adjuster performed the test on. Pictures of lifting up and down on the test afterwards he then wrote “P” next to the wind damaged shingle for pass. The explanation received was the following: no additional granular loss, no damage or tearing to the fiberglass matting.

You or your homeowner should request a reinspection if you believe the roof is not repairable.