Allstate letter to networks - xm8 pricing - 6% cut

So yall in indiana and texas can have a heads up too! Another way of saving THEM money.

Liberty Mutual/Safeco been doing this for 3 or 4 years. Not a huge deal, easy to dispute.

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When i first started in supplements i would see alot from madsky, but for the last year or so, dont see it on estimates at all anymore. (Im in VA) Usually, xactimate pricing is agreed upon. How do you object to this pricing (especially if you are not a licensed adjuster and have to walk a fine line as to not “negotiate pricing”?

I just sent this earlier in the week, one of the items on my supplement. Perhaps I’d worry about it more if I were in TX or FL but I think the UPPA stuff is overhyped.

  1. I’m not a member of Madsky nor do I intend to be. We do not have an account set up with ABC or SRS nor do we intend to have one. Were we to only purchase the shingles through either of these participating companies, there would be an additional delivery charge levied that isn’t accounted for in your pricing. If we order all our materials from them, what little is saved with the price provided would be lost with their pricing for other roof items. Further, there are additional steps that would have to be taken that involve Authentic personnel. This claim doesn’t even pay 10 and 10 overhead and profit. How am I supposed to account for these incurred additional costs?
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Yep, already seeing some. Not all though.

Have a couple of questions maybe you can help me with…

The answer to this will be…you can buy material from wherever you want. We are paying MRP and can get the material for said price. Take the job or don’t.

It’s going to get worse in 2021. There’s a new MRP.

Allstate is the worst company out there right now as far as paying claims. They NEVER pay for the entire roof on the initial adjustment no matter what. Many times they dont pay for it after the re-inspection. However, my customer have had great success with envoking the appraisal clause.