Alternative for soffits, or way to add a soffit with salt


I just realized I put this on the wrong group, so…

Is there a way to add in soffit vents to a roof that does not have an overhang? Or are there alternatives to it?

Reason I ask is we bought a 40 year old house, that had a new (tear off) roof put on 4 years ago with a ridge line vent on top. The inspector was a little concerned that the roof is still not getting enough ventilation and recommended soffit vents, problem is the roof ends right at the edge of the exterior walls. In other words I do not have any overhangs that I can cut into to install the soffit vents. There are gutters, right next to the wall of the house and that’s the only overhang I have.

I live in upstate NY (think lots of snow) if that helps in what I can/cannot do.


What can I do? Is there a different kind of vent that I can use to go with the ridge line one?


Smart vent

That is nice product.

But it looks like I would have to tear off the bottom half of my roof to install it, then relay the roof. Is there something like this that will avoid that?


You should only have to remove 2 rows from bottom maybe 3

This is your best option and would be an fairly easy task for a qualified roofing contractor,depending on pitch and hieght of the roof.

GAF has a spec for fascia vent as well. Cobra ridge vent can be used in conjunction with a custom bent metal drip edge behind the gutter.

you might look at using cor-a-vent…we have used it in similar applications.

I think you could remove your gutters.

Remove existing fascia board.

Install strips of coravent.

Install new fascia boards.

Install new drip with a wider top flange.

Put gutters back.

I think this would move the fascia board out 1".

DCI Smartvent also makes a product that has a built in vent that goes along with a fascia. Also with the normal smartvent, You only have to cut out a swathe out of the roof, From about 1.5-3 inches, very quick and easy. Just make sure that your drip edge goes under it and your ice and water shield goes above it.
Good luck

If you add intake will it breathe? There needs to be an airspace between the insulation and the roof. With the type of house I believe your describing, (1.5 story with knee walls and vaulted ceiling) this is not usually the case. Be sure to check first or your intake installation will be for naught.

Make sure in the attic whatever you use that the product will work, no insulation in the way they make baffles for that. I dont care for anything but smartvent. But thats my opnion

GAF’s new intake solution is called Cobra FasciaFlow. It’s PVC fascia board that is designed to serve as an intake vent, as well. … w-Vent.asp

There is one disadvantage to having the vent just above the gutters.

It is a fire hazzard.

In case of a fire around your house, embers hit the roof and roll down into the gutters where there are leaves and pine straw. This catches on fire easily and then there is the draft of air that is being sucked into the attic from the ridge vent so it pulls the fire right into the attic.

Just something to consider.