Aluminum coating

just wanted to get some idea what people are charging to aluminum coat a roof. Per sq price? Just for the labor. If you are in the upstate NY area I would be particularly interested in your prices.


I do not price anything by the square.

well could you expand on that a bit. How would you price to clean off the roof and coat it?

You should have a per man/per hour standard price established for time and material type jobs. Use that number + material.

that is pretty much what I did on the last estimate. I charged ? per hour for 7 hours plus materials and profit. I just estimated that it would take that long. Now that you mention it how much more labor do you charge for, lets say application of torch down than you would for arch shingles?

first off. what are you coating the roof for? especially this time of year. what is the roof made of? where in upstate? if you are looking for a labor price…only you can answer what your labor will cost. do you want $10/hr or do you want $50/hr? price it based on what you want to make.

well I would like to make a ridiculous amount of money but I need to be competetive which is the main reason for the question. We are coating the roof because that is what the carpenter wants. His customer has had many problems with the roof (which we did NOT install) it is cracking and I do not think they are prepared to redo the roof. I beleive it is torch down. This carpenter that we do work for always asks us to aluminum coat the torch downs right away even if they are new. I get him to wait at least a couple of months to let it cure somewhat.


Coating a roof will not solve any problems. Aluminum roof coating is just for UV protection.

Is this roof coated already?
Is it a granulated modified?
Is this a “quick fix” or a real maintenance issue?

you are not going to get a straight answer on pricing.

you can usually get a feel for the hourly labor rate by looking around where you are working. garages, plumbers ,electrions and painters any skilled trade their rates are usually comparable. could be in a range 0f $50 to $125 an hour. many places will give you a labor rate right over the phone its not like they can keep it a secret.

you have to pick your base hourly rate and adjust accoring to the situation.

if you are dropping a guy off and he is walking up a set of stairs to the roof that is a different price than if he needs a 40 foot ladder and a truck.

always keep track of the time and material and compar it to what you estimated to double check your self.
you will just have to give it your best guess you will always be worried, but know when to walk away don’t work for free.

i like to do a coat of karnack 220 before the al coat on an cracked membrane works nice and its a nice up charge.

good luck

Yes the roof is already coated and I think it is modified bitumen. My husband is the roofer and I am just trying to learn. Honestly I think I am doing a great job with my estimates considering I had to learn the business in a matter of months. I am always here doing my homework. We signed up on a contractors list for a local agency that does repairs and if we don’t get the contract I am always able to compare my bid to the others and I am always in the ballpark. Just not the lowest but that is ok with me.

Knowing how to bid is the key to success.
In order to make good bids in this business requires experience.
The ability to meet bids at a profit will ensure future success.
It proves your experience. :smiley:

It it a long bumpy road.

We can give you advice on how to solve a roofing problem, but we cannot tell you how to make money doing it.
Only you know your true expenses.

what is the Karnack 220 and is it for sealing leaks?

i agree the alumi coat will not solve leaks. you might want to tar and mesh the cracks then coat it. might give you a year or 2. you still didnt answer where you were in upstate…syr., roch., ithaca, seneca falls…?

No, we are in Ulster County. More like lower upstate.

damn…never even heard of it!!! is that like below utica or something?

…Damn yankees.

Ulster County is near the counties of Dutchess, Orange, Columbia, Green, Delaware. We are home to great towns such as Woodstock (the concert site), New Paltz, and Kingston (the original capital of NY)

I lived in the western end of Ulster County in the 70’s. It was a tough place to make a living then and it hasn’t gotten any easier since then. Last June, I was at Mohonk Mountain, outside of New Paltz and took a side trip to the area where we had lived - Pine Hill, Big Indian, Shandaken. It was like seeing the alternate reality we had escaped from. It’s a beautiful place to live but a lousy place to make a living.

     Props to anybody who can make a living there. The locals don't even like people from Long Island, let alone people who don't look like them or talk like them.