Aluminum drip edge at beach

I’ve got a place 1/2 block from beach in So Cal. Clay tile roof is going to be redone shortly.

In this area, almost everyone uses painted / galvanized carbon steel drip edge. It’s on roofs and decks everywhere. And of course it quickly turns into rust. Apparently, people don’t want to pay the extra money for copper.

Question: Is aluminum an appropriate material for drip edge at the beach? Powder painted aluminum? Is there some major downside to using aluminum.

Over the years, I’ve seen plenty of aluminum frame windows that have held up well at the beach.

Around here if you see any drip edge at all its unusual.

Most of the time when it is installed its like you say the old galvanized crap.

I use the factory painted aluminum drip edge. It looks nice, is user friendly and lasts!

I have uses aluminum drip edge at the beach in maryland in my younger days when I lived there. Still looks fine 10 years later. I assume it would be fine in Cali also.

Thanks guys. I’m goin’ for it!
: )

If your roofers can use a brake use some PVC coated coil stock.Many colors and grain patterns if your into grain pattern and smooth finish if your not.Several gauge to choose from too.