Aluminum Flashiing/Shingle Problem

What is the best way to fix my problem? Nails were used to attach aluminum flashing to my shingles. The nails are now popping out. Can I use screws to re-attach? Any suggestions?

Yes, you can replace the nails with roofing screws.They have a hex head and a rubber washer on them.
It might still look a little rough,the only way to make it look new is to have to replaced.


No hem on the metal will always make the leading edge of the head wall / apron flashing look rough.

Never use nails to attach through the exposed flange. Use metal to wood TEK screws with neoprene washers.

Thanks for your input!

Should I seal over the top of the screw head with silicone?

No, the neoprene washer makes for a watertight application. Make sure to put a screw in every single hole that a nail is removed from. For aesthetic proposes, try and space the screws equally wherever possible and add some screws if there metal isn’t laying as flat as you’d like. It won’t be perfect, but it will be watertight and look much better than it does now.

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