Aluminum roof coating..fiber or non fiber?

roof is modified rubber…maybe 8-10 yrs old in good shape. about two years ago I applied a non-fibered aluminum coating. It is about time to do it again and I was wondering whether I should use the non-fiber or fiber version? How do I determine which to use? suggestions? opinions? Does the brand matter. I have an Ace and Home Depot close to my home. Last time I got a 5 gallon bucket from a roofing materials place, not sure of the brand, all I remember is that i was hard to stir, heavy to get up and onto the roof, and the bucket was black in color. Thx

It is hard to stir cos of the fibre settling to the bottom of the can. You should really attach a whisk (buy it in the paint dept at Home Depot) to a drill to make sure the lumps disipate.
I prefer the fibred to non.
Make sure your roof is clean. I would pressure wash it first.

i always use the Henry brand fibered.Make sure the roof is clean of any debris.

I always use the fibered coating.
It seems to last longer.

As was mentioned by Krakkerjak , the fibered is very hard to stir by hand and should be done with a paint mixer attachment on a heavy duty drill.
You should spend the extra money on a heaveduty drill for 2 reasons.

  1. You will kill your cordless drill trying to stir the fibered coating.

  2. Heavy Duty drills tend run at lower rpm’s. The inexperienced user with a high rpm drill will cover there pants, shoes and surrounding area with coating.
    The lower rpm drill makes it much easier to avoid this mess.

are you silver coating to effect a waterproof cover? aluminum coating is NOT waterproof. i would suggest a clay based emulsion.
1.) it bonds to a well cleaned modified
2.) it IS a waterproof coating.
3.) its cheaper than aluminum coating