Aluminum Roof Vents

I have another question about vents. Before the roof job was started there was an aluminum roof vent each on the upper and lower roof. It may be called a ‘dog house vent’… but either way you get the idea. A standard roof vent.
As you know they installed the roof, and added ridge venting. I see that they did not re-install the aluminum dog house vents. All the other houses in the neighborhood have these vents (even the houses that have a ridge vent), and THAT has me real concerned.
So is it proper to not have replaced this aluminum roof vent?? Don’t I need this??? Seems to me the house and/or attic will get too hot. FYI, Possibly adding to the equation is that we have installed Central air, so there is a central air unit in each attic.

Thanks again.

They did it right - you should not have any other functioning on-the-roof vents in conjunction with a ridge vent.
Hopefully you have soffit/eave vents to provide intake ventilation equal to what you now have for ridge (exhaust) ventilation.
(Cue another Dennis rant…)

bingo…if you use any thing else with a ridge vent it will counter balance your ventilation.