Aluminum / silver coat on wet membrane?

I need to get a silver-coated BUR re-coated. Manufacturers recommend that the roof surface be cleaned and dry. I get that.

My question is, will a damp roof membrane (entrapped moisture from IR scan) have an impact on coatings? I.e. will the moisture later migrate to the surface resulting in blisters, or cause other problems?

How critical is it to repair the roof that has entrapped moisture before coating it?

(I’m new to this community so please let me know if I’m not asking it correctly).

TIA, James

roofing has failed over an area that moisture is getting underneath.
the coating will not fix it. the coating will protect the area that has not failed from more detoriorating. fix the leaking and then coat it.

No, the coating will not fail as long as the “Surface” is dry.
the coating will fail early if it is in a ponding area.

Dont silver coat before fixing. It will make finding the leak very hard to find.
That coating is not a FIX. It is only to prolong the water tightness of the existing.