Am I screwed by using asphalt based caulk on pvc rubber boot?

The rubber boots or roof collars on my pvc pipes deteriorated. I used HENRY 208R WET PATCH (an asphalt based caulk) on top of the old boot and glue/overlaid the new boot on top of the old one. Later I learned that I should not use any petroleum based sealant on rubber. Am I screwed?

If it’s not exposed to the elements it may be fine. I recommend just keeping an eye on it and see if there appears to be any reaction.

What elements? What exposed to what? Would you please be more specific? Many thanks.

Elements such as sun and water. Just keep an eye on it, any chemical reactions should be obvious. Don’t over think it.

I see. Thanks.

It’s hard not to think about it :sweat_smile:

Go to your local roofing/siding supplier and ask them for a couple repair collars.

When you see it it will be self explanatory.

Do I just slide the repair collar on top of everything? :sweat_smile:

I’d recommend having a roofing professional make any necessary repair or replacement your specific roof requires.
They will be able to see any damage or specific repair needs you have. It’s common to see more money spent correcting previous repair attempts that either failed or never worked that wouldn’t have been as costly if a roofing contractor was contacted initially.

If the rubber gasket is all that is split, yes. If the gasket comes down tight on the old one you can caulk it with urethane or butyl, before you slide it down.

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I assume you are talking about a shingle pipe collar. If so the rubber used there is pretty thick and is cured, you shouldn’t have much issues at least for awhile. Don’t expect it to last nearly as long as normal though.

Here is a picture. Thanks.

Snap Fit were garbage from the start and Oatey used to have nice thick EPDM gaskets, now they split in about 3-5 years. I keep a full set in the truck, common kitchen / bathroom leak.