Amish or Mennonite roofing companies

For those of you that have to compete against these companies lets here what you have to say.The good the bad or the ugly.

haha…so…the homeowner has a leak…makes a call to the amish roofer (who for some reason has a cell phone)…h/o “my roof is leaking”…amish “i’ll fire up my horse and trot the 30 miles right over”. give me a break, like they are going to have any follow up customer service. i watched some of them run felt vertically a few weeks ago (wtf). do you think they even pay comp.? if they get hurt they just drag the injured in the woods and shoot him (not quite) but when is the last time you saw an amish in the E.R.?

Hey wait a minute, dosnt Abe Lincoln have a top hat.

Very good, as does Frosty The Snowman and other noted figures in American lore.

top hat doesnt mean your amish…its a straw hat.

LOL !!

Q: What goes “Clip, clop, clip, clop… !BANG! Clip, clop, clip, clop…”

A: Amish drive by shooting.

Classic LOL. It would really be a sight with good ole Abe Lincoln on the roof with crew of Amish midgets as his helpers.