Another Rip off

This is another warning for any company involving Peter Degennaro and Charlene Connors. Here in Eastern Ma they have left a large number of victims consisting of both home owners and sub-contractors. They take home owners money, try to get the subs to do the work, then refuse to pay. They play the homeowners against the subs and lie to everyone. They change the names of their companies frequently but recently have used Housewatch of New England, Presidential, and Sunset Construction Management. Please be on the lookout for them in Mass and Maine and may be setting up companies elsewhere. Both have had their licences revoked but continue to work.

Sound like they continue NOT to work, but please…we dont have thefacts…why do you have to clutter our board with heresay and possibly Libel?

The answer is that when people work hard they deserve to get paid.

OK, but arent there better legal, non-slanderous/non-libelous ways top get paid?

Afterall, we are only hearing one side of the story here.


I am sorry that it appears that the board has been flooded with negative information regarding Peter Degennaro and Charlene Connors. However, as a homeowner, I have gone the legal route- the BBRS, the AG’s office, The Building Dept of my local town, the Woburn Criminal Court. There are no consequences for these people. I am not naive to think I will get my thousands of dollars back, however, I would be just as evil as them, if I allowed just one other homeowner or subcontractor to get screwed.

Check them out on Yahoo, Google, and see for yourself on the Mass.Gov website. Their licenses have been revoked, and if you go to Woburn district court 1/31/07-- you’ll see the criminal case against them from a destroyed homeowner in Wilmington, MA.

we should all rise as one, and slay them.

What was the result of the court hearing? I’m a Local contractor from Wilmington that was Screwed by them two summers ago after finishing a siding job and having the checks he had issued me later cancelled.

He does pull this $hit often in our area. Its about time he’s punished for it.

An arrest warrant was sent out for Peter on 1/31/07-- however, it is only effective if he gets pulled over-- they just can’t go to his house and get him. I have spoke with the ADA in Woburn who is very invested in getting a day in court with Peter. However, he has told me that not enough people have come in to write up their affidavits. Without that and the “criminal charge” the clerk/judge is not interested.

I will be going there with in 2 weeks to write up the “intent to fraud” affidavit. The attorney did say that with the current case in Wilmington, with a woman who was clearly wronged (homeowner), and a few other cases , the dollar amount would bring Peter down for an indictment-- meaning definate jail time.

Peter has stolen so much money from homeowners and not paid subcontractors-- that he can do this for a long time-- we will never see any money---- but boy would I love to send him a post card in JAIL!!

Thanks for listening-- hope some of you will consider going to the courthouse in Woburn, 30 Pleasant Street, ADA Mike Costa!

hey im ok with yall ventin.
if they screwed ya over.
just remember there are some good roofers here, that are in your

so tell your freinds.
use a contractor from this site.
theres a rigorus set of standards we live up to here.


thanks for the info,btw-it`s not slander/libel if the info is true aaron :wink:

Sure, TRG, but we dont know what is what here, and I havent seen the other party post on the subject.

Here’s a suggestion: take your info over to the nearest CraigsList sites in your area & post your rant on the Rants n Raves page as well as the Skilled Trade Services page.

That might be a good way to get your message out there (be sure to mention the outstanding warrants or it begins to look like sour grapes).

Not to derail this thread, but someone that I used to work for has a son who would take deposits in the name of the co. & then set up his own bank acct to cash the checks, thereby leaving this person I know stuck for the bills.

In states where we operated & licensure was required, he would use his Dad or Brother’s licensure info.

Unfortunately, the Dad would throw the book @ him & then within about 1 or 2 months, it was back to the same old same old.

That’s one of the reasons I became an independant contractor; got tired of having to worry about the co’s good name.

this many people cant be wrong aaron, plus, people have come in here often about this guy in here since I’ve been here. See for yourself … 0000095660

…he has no Home Improvement Contractors license in Massachusetts … csid=Eeops

…He does have a Construction Supervisors License

…but that license is not valid for single to four family owner occupied residences in this state.

The CSL assures that you were able to demonstrate via testing the ability to reference the Massachusetts State Building Code accurately, the HIC is more like an insurance for consumers in which a potential contractor pays a fee of $200 dollars bi-annually, and in the case of default of a contract by a contractor, the state takes from that pool of money and funds the completion of the job, then itself chases the contractor for payment.

You can not pull a permit on an owner occupied residential property in Massachusetts without the HIC, and any owner that has pulled the permit themselves is not eligible to be reimbursed by the state. If he has pulled a permit and burned you and you are a homeowner, go to this site to find out how to file a complaint with the Division of Safety and Standards: … csid=Eeops

Hope this helps homeowners. Contractors owed money are on their own. Good luck with that. You got punked!

If it is true, then it’s true.

I never said it wasnt true. What I am saying is that I dont think its cool to use this forum for a class action witch hunt without notifying the perp that youre here spreading negative press.

Why doesnt someone just shoot him an email and let him know? Then we could hear all about this stuff from the guy, and you guys could rip him up.

I’m just jumping in here, but maybe Aaron B. should offer to do work for Peter & Charlene and see if he feels differently after they scam him.

I’m truly one of the lucky ones…after a 2 1/2 year court battle, I got my money back from Peter.

I am in Massachusetts. Thank you for letting people know. This was featured on the news I believe.

Well, we almost made it 1 year since this thread was last visited…

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