Another Roof Color Question: Charcoal v Hickory

This house is from the GAF/ELK remodel site (Timberline Prestique 30 HDs), but it looks pretty similar to our 4 level split suburban house. Off white vinyl siding with white shutters and facia/trim. Then it has dark red/black brickwork down low similar to this house, and also some brickwork on the front of the garage.

My question for you roofing experts, would you choose Hickory which would bring out the reddish tones of the brick? We also have dark red patio pavers in front and other red tones in the landscaping.

I was really on board the Hickory bus, but now I’m thinking we are going overboard on the red thing, and Charcoal makes a nice sharp contrast. So now I am leaning toward Charcoal. The roof is currently black, and the color looks fine.

Will need to sell the wife unit on Charcoal, but I think this is doable. Resale appeal is important, not that we are moving anytime soon, but always helps to have something that most people view favorably. My neighbor is voting for the Charcoal also!

Thoughts? Thanks!



The charcoal will give you more options on accessory color such as the front door, shutters, garage door, ect…

The hickory will somewhat limit you the red/brown accent color…

If you can’t decide, flip a coin. Ultimately you are the one that should choose the color. You’ll see it everyday, we’ll never see it again.


p.s what about antique slate

Go with Certainteed and get ‘black walnut’


then paint the shutters and front door black.

Is it raining everywhere today? Some pretty quick responses on this topic.


yup. crappy weather here, and its gonna be all week. i have a big TPO roof to do, and 8 houses scheduled, but im about to go take my lady to lunch, to hell with work! :slight_smile:

No rain just appointments…

A BlackBerry will make your life so much easier… :smiley:

Dont know how i would get a new windshield on a blackberry… :roll:

Sure, just email the glass shop with the year, make, and model…they’ll have it ready for ya…

Made a decision native?

Prolly gonna go Charcoal. Our house is a little bigger and just a tad nicer than the one pictured, but still very modest. Also has a big black asphalt driveway. It doesn’t need a fancy pants roof, just something to balance it’s suburban blandness. Charcoal helps the cause the most I think.

Going more gray tone would prolly put folks to sleep. It’s not a parade of homes crib obviously, just need something to dress it up as much as possible without trying too hard. Thanks for the input!

hopefully your in a cold climate.
i do not like dark shingles in the heat.