Any Cedar Roofers here?

I have been browsing through the forum for a few days now, and I haven’t seen much talk about Cedar roofs.
I own a roofing company in Eastern Long Island (NY) and I specialize in Cedar roofs and siding, I would say I have done 3 asphalt roofs in the last 3 years, asphalt is not my specialty.
Most of my work is done in the Hamptons, Southampton and East Hampton, to get to my question, is there any other areas where Cedar is very common?? my problem is that, this is a Summer community and as soon as Memorial day comes, no one wants to see us, and work is very hard to get, in this area in the summer, so I have to take jobs, that I’m lucky to break even, just so I can keep my guys busy. If there are any other Cedar roofers I would like to get some feedback from you guys and the area you work on , especially the tristate area.

coastal CA for siding, Pacific northwest … WA, ID, OR, North CA , for cedar roofing. We have class B roof assembly minimums in CA class A in Socal. , so Cedar is few and far between for roofs but then again we have 40 million people . There is always a need. And since we are a two season region work is year round. check the jobs forum.

Colorado does lots of cedar, look in vail, aspen, crested butte, and telluride- a lot of home owners associations require you to use cedar in those areas. look in the jobs section and there is even a company looking for a cedar installer in crested butte, and it is the middle of winter!!!

thanks for the info, we are fairly busy right now and I have a bunch of bids coming up, but like I said as soon as memorial day comes, the phone stops ringing , and the day after labor day it comes back to life, so the funny thing is that we are very busy in the winter, as long as the weather permits it, and in the summer we just get by.

sommer is very very busy in colorado, and most jobs are 60 plus square. almost all of them are 24" hand split

very interesting, Never though about going that far, what do you guys get for a square in that area?.

Cedar is headed out and the new imitation shakes will be required. This is due to fire hazards…

cedar roofing is getting more and more popular every year here. We specialize in cedar roofing as well as all other types of roofing. Have several pages on our website with some of our wood roofing pics, need to update it with some of our more recent stuff though.