Any Flat Roof Specialists here?

Hi, I have a rubber flat roof that I think has a 12:2 pitch that I’m having problems with. The roof is probable 15years + and would be in grate shape if it wasn’t for the drip edge problem. I fixed it twice since the problem started (every year or two) with Eterna Bond and it worked well but the second time all the glue on the roof collected the dirt and didn’t stick very well.

The problem is caused from ice build up in the winter. I get large ice sheets about 2 to 3 inches thick that slide of the roof at the edge and peels the Eterna Bond back and create this problem. My question is what is the best way if any to fix this problem?

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first off your photos dont work,secondly the nominal life of a rubber roof installed 15 yrs ago was about 10-12 yrs,this is due to what is called neoprine or form flash flasing dries out and tears. the eternabond should have been a good fix. get your pics up for more analysis.

try 3

Roofboss says Eternabond should’ve been a fix. I’m not a flat roofing specialist, but if he says its a good product and knowing that he is flat roof knowledgable, I’d bet this is an installation problem.

That roof didn’t look too difficult to make it not leak. Maybe the problem is that the roofers diagnosing the problem keep looking at the edge because they see the leak there, but the real problem may lie higher above it on the roof, but it drips in at the first chance it gets.

Or you might be experiencing the dilemma of routine idiots, it happens to the best of them. I guarantee my repairs so much that I never get a penny until they stand up to similar conditions they leaked in and don’t leak. When they don’t leak, I get paid.

Right know I don’t believe it leaks, but I see it as a maintenance problem that must be fixed. Eternabond is very good stuff I believe just not designed for the stresses of ice moving over it. What are my options if any to repair this? Could rhino bead liner work if I cut back the rubber and painted the edges heavy with it?


DO NOT CUT THE RUBBER BACK! that will make it leak .the edge metal is sandwiched between the two rubber membranes.take some good caulk and caulk the edge of the eternabond back not use latex or silicone.they will not stick to the rubber.or find a roofing supply store and buy a one gallon can of splice is also called black glue.dry and clean under the loose edge first and brush the adhesive and let it dry to the touch.then, push the edge back down and rub it in with your hand.from the second photo it appearas that youve repaired the metal flashing with the can clean the rubber with mineral spirits.if you go the caulk route spend the money and get good caulk.
good luck

the rhino bedliner (polyurea) will not work well without the proper prep, and even then I would highly recommend using a hybrid polyurea instead of a pure polyurea for roofing applications.

Thanks everyone I will look into the suggestions.

time for a new roof :wink: