Any impact on energy costs based on shingle weight?

Does the weight of the shingle impact the energy costs of a home? For example, would a Landmark Premium shingle (weight 300 lb per square) improve the energy efficiency of a home over a Landmark shingle (weight 240 lb per square)? Assume all else is equal.


A Grand Manor installed over decking thats installed over inadequate insulation with inadequate ventilation versus a 20 year O.C classic installed over decking thats installed over adequate insulation with adequate ventilation would have better energy effeciency.Your shingles alone only make up a percentage of anything effecient.IMO

But if everything is equal all the way across the board I could see some slight difference with 60lbs.

Try this for R Values of building materials:

While the heavier shingle may have some minor impact on the insulation, I can’t imagine it would be appreciable or even make a noticeable difference in an energy bill.


Are you serious? Shingles are ideally installed in the vented part of the house! HVAC and home efficiency are under the insulated part of the ceilings. Except for these crazy super vaulted roofs, shingle type shouldn’t matter on a properly ventilated, insulated structure.

Shingle color on the other hand can have a little impact on HVAC…