Any opinions on type 30 UL as opposed to GAF Shingle-Mate?

Getting some quotes on a new roof and one roofer said the Shingle-Mate was junk. He suggested it might turn out to be what polybutylene did for plumbing, Shingle-Mate might be for roofs. Any opinions?

Also, from anyone’s experience, are lead vent boots a really bad idea if you’ve had critter problems in the past? I had a roofer tell me that critters love to chew on them and then they leak.

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.



Shingle-Mate is the same as the felt he is planing on using. The difference is Shingle-Mate has fiberglass in the felt. This improves its durability. This roofer probably said the same thing about fiberglass shingles, when they came out too.

Everything in Shingle-Mate is a proven product. Nothing new.

Squirrels eat the lead. If you have that problem, you can put chicken wire around the boot to keep them away.

He actually said the Shingle-Mate had a layer of paper (cardboard?) in the middle and that SM was easier to tear and it held water. Heard anything like that about SM?



Ask him to show you how easy it is to tear. LOL That ought to be good to watch. Tear strength has nothing to do with a good roof.

Ask him to show you this layer of cardboard.

He will not be able to.

some roofersm are great roofers, but bad customer servers. Some are so afraid of the price going up that they try not to give the customer a better product. Sometimes to the point of not giving them, what thjey want.

i have been using GAF products almost exclusivly for years and i have never had any problem with shingle mate. as a matter of fact…when you get the morning dew in the warmer months, and the roof was felted in from the day before, shingle mate actually looses the wrinkles faster than standard felt. it is fiberglass re-infoced, not cardboard re-inforced. if this is what he believes then maybe your better off with a different roofer. what else does he believe…that water runs uphill?