Any pictures or links of Drip Edge matching the shingle

I understand that drip edge comes in Weatherwood. Any examples of what this looks like?

It’s more like a weathered bronze color and matches with the WW shingles quite well. There are also a few variations of almond, white, black and brown.

IMHO pre-finished metal always looks better that plain galvanized drip edge.

Its almost always white trim here so we wood use white drip edge on the eaves, we do not use it on the rakes. You could always buy colored coil stock and bend up your own drip edge.

Clay is pretty close to weathered wood.

We normally match the drip edge with the facia color.

Like Axiom, I match the drip edge to the fascia.

Trust me, brown D-Edge on white fascia really sticks out.

It is always like in shape of weathered bronze and i think this is best. :smiley: