Any reason to not run ridge vent to the end?

Just curious why.

My house currently has the ridge vent run all the way to the edge of the roof - and I like that look.

But I see a lot of houses with the ridge vent stopping 6 or so inches short (or more) from the edge of the roof.

Is there a specific reason why some roofers stop it short of the edge?

when you run ridge-vent all the way to the edge it leaves room for an exposed opening.when you stop it short of the edge you can run ridge cap under the vent to prevent possible water damage.

We ALWAYS run ONLY OC VENTSURE and leave about 1’ from edge.

You can do it either way, it is a matter of aesthetics. There is an opening when you run it all the way to the end, but this is easily remedied by running a few caps under it and installing the ridge vent over top of it.
On older homes that have a fair amount of sag in the ridge, it usually makes more sense to stop it short. Otherwise you have an exaggerated swoop at the gable end.
Either way can be done watertight. Your roofer should be able to accomodate your preference.


we always run it end to end . It looks better, and the manufacturer tells you to do it that way as well. It makes the whole job look cheesy if you keep it short.

Like JimB says. And if you put ANY caps under the end, you have added a bit of ‘tilt’ to those cap that can cause water to run under the end. It stays level when run to the end.
And, there is NO gap anywhere when run to the end, unless the roofer was too dumb to keep it closed of with the field shingles.

If you look at this installation, you’ll see that the cap under the RV is sloped downwards under the cap. And the caps over those are also sloped backwards. Water can get under the end of the RV.

On straight gables ridges you can run the ridge vent itself all the way to the end just don’t cut the air opening in the decking all the way to the end.

Same on ridges that intersect hip apexes.

i always ran end to end sealing the ends the cut stopped 8 inches from end

Agreed. It looks better when it’s run all the way to the end, but you want to keep the cut back at least a foot especially in an icy climate.

I love the guys that run short. My selling point is “look at that vent run short. See how that looks unfinished. We are going to run it all the way to the end like your neighbors home. Now doesn’t that look much better?” They always say how much better it looks.

Always run to the end, keeping it watertight is not optional, this is roofing people. Simple thought and quality work. Just looks better IMO. Good use of tossing it into the sale, rooferama. :idea:

The real reason you sometimes see the ridge vent stop short of a ridge line is because it is not necessary to vent the soffit. If the soffit is vented soffit some city codes may call it a breach to have the two tied together. Depending on how well the framing is done tying the two together could in fact jeopardize insect infiltration to the attic.