Any thoughts on Rex Synfelt Heavy Duty Underlayment?

Good or Bad?
Is it also a radiant barrier?
Will it reduce energy cost?

What would be alternative products to compare with it?

We have used it a lot and still use it in Indiana. I don’t know if it is the absolute best synthetic underlayment but it is superior to others we have evaluated and it has a reasonable price point. I firmly believe it is superior to paper felt and is much safer for the roof crew. Most importantly, our roof crews endorse it.

I don’t believe it works as any significant radiant barrier or offers much in the way of energy savings.

the cheapest synthetic felt that I have found was permafelt and it goes on sale for 95 bucks for a 10 square roll at my menards every now and then with the contractor discount. I’ve also used feltex. I figure it’s all the same. As far as I’m concerned, the only advantage to using it is the roofers (it’s a 48" roll so it goes on faster, doesn’t tear, and you can leave it overnight for several nights without worrying about leaking…several months if you fasten it right, but who would do that to a homeowner :slight_smile:

is it wht in color?
thats all i care about anymore.
somethin in a light color to work off of.