Any Tips On How To Stop This Leaking?

Hello ,

I have a roof that keeps leaking where it meets the concrete.
do you guys have any tips for me to make this leak go away?

Am not seeing the pic correctly? Is all the water draining towards the concrete wall? If so that entire area needs redone in some type of flat roofing (truly waterproof) material. Metal (and shingles) is 100%wrong for that application.


Thank you very much for your time to reply.
Yes, all the water is draining towards the concrete wall.
hat kind of material do you suggest to drain the water towards the concrete?
or you suggest redoing the whole roof to something flat?

is this better pic? if not i came make another

remove steel sheets,add big ass saddle ,it should divert all the water plus add flashing across the wall.
not diy level

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I looked at the question and your situation, this morning. I wasn’t even going to comment because I just want to slap anyone who designs something like that. I figure you are in a situation where you need to do something. From the photo, looks like you have a teen that’s sneaking out the window or there has been massive amounts of traffic on the roof. This is not a do it yourself fix. You need a professional roofer. One that will take on something this horrible is going to be tuff. The underlayment, decking, is really rough, so not knowing what’s under there is kinda, scary. I would look at taking a nibbler and cutting back the multirib, about 12" from the wall. Then I would install a sheet under, at least 24" with a turnback on it. I would run it up the wall a minimum of 12". Counter flash the wall with a gum lip counter. I would run closures in the multirib and put a caulk tube of water cut off under the closure, on top of it and behind. Beware, from the looks of this, your bidders will probably want to remove the metal in this area. It looks like it’s been walked on and destroyed. Don’t count on it being a cheap repair. Someone is going to have to factor in warranty. Good luck with it.


You would be warranting that entire wall and all the roofing to the peak to fix this dead area.
My price would not be cheap.

I think there is proper flat roofing under it
And someone covered it with metal.
Otherwise it would be a giant flood every rain.

Can you be more specific on where the leak is?
Draw an area to its exact spot.
Does it leak along the entire wall or just a couple spots?
Just leaking around windows?
Just leaking at that flashing lap?
Leak every rain or only downpours?
Or only a good blowing rain?
Do you live at this property to know?


All good troubleshoot questions! Whenever you see Majik Spray Kan Roof repair, random caulk, and “easy fix” peel and stick flashing, the price just went up. How much? well, how about we start with the what you paid to get this crap I have to scrape off put on…

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It does not leak accros the whole lenght, there are spots where it leaks please see image .

Yes i do live at this property and leaks with every rain.

this roof has been redone 2 times already and always the same problem after 2 years.

Any material will deteriorate if there is water pooling 24/7,add slope and no leaks guaranteed.

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That’s because no one is trying to solve the problem. Have you made it clear that you are willing to spend the necessary $$s to start over and make it right or are you trying to work with what you have? We wouldn’t touch that unless our plan was adhered to fully, which would involve building a large cricket. It looks like someone tried to bunch up material in the middle to achieve flow. Hack work.

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I would tell you good luck because odds are, you wouldn’t pay what I would charge to actually fix the problem. The only guy dumber than the person who designed that in the first place is the guy who put the most recent roof on and expected that to not leak.

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