Anybody else slow?

well, its been almost a full year that ive been in bussiness, it had its ups and downs but thankfull of staying steady thru the winter.
I dont understand! Spring is here. Ive been advertising, sent out over 500 flyers and brochures. 2 weeks ago i had over a dozen estimates to do on saturday. My prices are fair, i present my self very profesinal, give them samples, porfolio, and folders and yet i havent got any phone calls back. I have a feeling its lowballers. Some guys are saying its the tax season, easter, and kids having there vacations. Other guys say there swamped. I dont know what im doing wrong.

Just wanted to say i enjoy reading all your guys topics. i can tell you guys take pride in what you do.( Aaron, G-Tape, pride,) and others.
thanks guys for inspiring me even more.

Are you calling the customers back to see if they have any questions?

maybe asking them if they are starting the work?

or why did they go with the other guy?

don’t ask “why didn’t you go with me?” ask them why they picked the other guy, first, then ask why they didn’t go with you, if they don’t tell you.

and you did 12 estimates in one day??? thats alot !!! maybe stretch the 12 into 2 days and spend alittle more time on each one, getting to know the customer, letting them get to know you and trust you. Go to the estimate like you are relaxed and easy going, not all rushed and behind schedule.

I sent you 2 emails contact me.

Yea i just posted about the same thing… lowbailing is getting out of hand here… I get a whole bunch of estimates that i havent heard of pick up the phone and i ask them i am doing some follow up and they usually tell me if its beign a whileback since the work has been done allready by someone else…

I say that 80% of the people went for the cheapest bid… usually a bid that makes no sence and is obviously something crooked in it … but the customer is so exited to get such a deal that they dont bother to do more research .And then the companydid roofs so low priced that they dont last long…
10% of this bids turn out to be a lost to the uncle who “knows” how to roof or the neighboor or the gardener :mrgreen:
5% turn out to be lost due to the fact that they just wanted a price and never hired anyone… usually a legal thing is involved between tenants and owners.

But here is the best part … out of all that the best part is the remaining 5 % … which turns out to be people so busy or undecided … that they havent make up their mind and even forget about such bid… the kind that always ment to call you but never had the time… When you call such customers usually they end up goign ahead for the job … last year i got an easy job for 15000 due to my follow up…

Is a trip enjoy it and give it the best you can if it works or not… you know you tried … I live it to god and thats all

Make sure you spelling is correct.
This is important when you have contracts.

I just started out and I am working on advertising. I really just started this spring I got some calls did some estimates but no reply yet. I even haven’t got a call back from my girlfriend’s friend and I even followed up with him. LOL! I had a guy call me yesterday to pull a permit for him. I think the problem is the low bidders aren’t licensed and there doing it with real cheap labor…lol…ok all jokes aside. If we are doing the right thing stickin’ it out its gonna pay off eventually.

G-tape, i think your right about going to the estimate relaxed. heres how my saturday went. Estimates at 8:00,8:30, 9,10,10:30, 11:30,12 and you get the picture. By the end of the day i was so sick of dealing with people, kissing there asses, explaining everything under the sun about there roof. ill never do that again! Dont get me wrong i think , well thought i did a good job with it , spending as much time as i could with the customers blah blah blah. i wasnt late to any of them just ready for a drink when i was done. not that im a heavy drinker but you know what i mean.
thanks for all your inputs. Any you guy certified installers with certainteed, or elk and so fourth. that might help me to, you guys have any luck with that?

Ski it might just be the way you are selling the jobs. If the phone is ringing and you dont have work it might be the ability to sell is your problem. If you need help with this email me and we can chat about ways to make that better. Its my specialty

i havent tried with the follow up calls either. not sure what to ask. i gotta come up with a list of questions till i get the hang of it.

thanks pride for the email ! ive got some reading to do tonight during the comercials of the hockey games.

gimmie a call ill help yea

lol dont make it too long… cuz if they did the roof they want to hang up fast on you… just find out why they choose the other contractor and then if they still feel like talking tell them how can you improve your services…

You will find out how bad is the lowbailing situation where you are

Turn them into a lead generator… Ask pride how …

Pride has some awesome info if anyone wants to know how to close a sale ask pride. I read some of the stuff he has sent me and it is very informative. Some of the info might have even helped me to close a sale

yup pride help me sell more then a couple of jobs… his stuff is good… :wink:

I get very few advertising jobs and almost all of my word of mouth jobs.

Been the busiest year to date. Picked up a third builder and have more tear offs I know what to do with.

I would say 25% of my jobs are sold by the fact the home owner knows Mexicans won’t be roofing there house like all there neighbors roofs.

Another tactic that’s worked wonders for getting jobs from strangers is to be as nice as possible.

I just did a roof over (had no choice) and I asked the home owners husband if I was the lowest bid (phone book lead). He said I wasn’t the cheapest by any means but his wife really liked me. When I asked for half down to be mailed to me he said he was nervous when his wife decided to mail the whole amount paid in full prior to starting. When asked if we even had a contract she said, “He’s nice I like him and trust him”.

The first day we met in person was when I was already half done with her roof!!!

One point I try to make sure to point out with all my potential customers is that I’m not a salesman trying to make a sale, but rather a roofer bidding to roof there house. Once I’ve seen a home owner sign a contract in front me and only once I’ve asked a home owner to sign a contract.

Most roofers here know I run my business far from the norm but it’s working great for me. An owner operator roofer is also getting far from the norm.

well I just finished a 28 sq tear off and their friends wanted me to give them a price on a deck so I did and I am starting that on wednesday so things are going great for me. I know a deck isnt roofing but hey I am good at building them and they are easier.