Anybody use galvanized drip edges

I didn’t even think about it until after I started. I purchased painted galvanized ODE 6" drip edges. I should have paid more for aluminum. I was just wondering what your experiences are with it.

Hell no !! use white aluminum, galv will rust in a few years and piss off your custumers. We only use white alum,brown alum,copper or lead coated. never use mill finish either it just looks chinsy and cheap.

I know. That is what I was thinking. It will probably start at the cuts. Do you live in a coastal area? I’m hoping it won’t rust for a long while.


You got painted Galvinized. You will be okay. Galvinized is a lot sturdier.

I use aluminum most of the time.

So houses need a custom bent drip. I will use galvinized for this. The strength is the reason.