Anyone else slow in NY?!?!

Hey guys, just a question.

Anyone in the NY area slow? For the last month we have been banging. Done upwards of 18 roofs the last month but the calls have seemed to stop!?!? Is it just a slow time of year?

Hit me back with what you think.,

i’m in the finger lakes area with 2 crews running full time…booked 4 weeks out.

slow in ct to! seems like its just starting to pick up alittle. supposed to get a lot of rain this weekend! hope fully the phone rings!

I can feel you guys I was slow in indiana and it wasnt raining now that I got some jobs ready it is raining like everyday next week…LOL…talk about irony

At least the rain gives you time to keep up with the paperwork, and stay on top of the phone calls and estimates. I got some door hangers made up. let you know how i make out with it. all this time on my hands ive been trying to think of anything i could do to improve sales.

Ct did I send you that packet of sales help?

yeah, i went to print it out. then i went to go read it, and it was missing some of it. went back to get the rest (the part on canvising) and my old lady deleted it.

email me again and i will resend it to you. You must have went through alot of paper and ink printing.