Anyone have experience with oc berkshire

Hello- newby to your forum-am building house for myself and really like the look of oc berkshire shingle- has anyone used these or have comments berkshire vs. certainteed grand manors?

Well Max there are differences. Some people like OC and others dont. To me OC is sold at lowes and that to me makes it a non proffesional product. Now you can not get the type of shingle you are looking for at lowes but it still is a fact. As far as Certainteed is concerned they are the only shingle on the market with a 10 year warranty if there is not the proper amount of ventilation on the roof, all others void the warranty. And since you have to buy them at a supply house it makes it a more proffesional product in my opnion. Also Certainteed’s contractor program is knowledge based not who do i write the check out to. I feel Certainteed is a better product. As long as you are using the Grand Manor shingle I would suggest to also do the following, In valleys use copper rather than the aluminum and with the flashing do the same. It will last as long as the shingles do without any problems also will look better too. Lastly if im not mistake on the Grand Manor shingle also know as a shangle, they are fungus and algae resistant. Not sure what the OC shingle is since i do not install them.

thank you for the input- since my post I also have leaned towards the grand manors-do you have a feel for price per sq in your area-here the berkshire run 30 bundle/ 5bdl per square or 150.00 -haven’t been able to price gm’s

If im not mistaken there somewhere around 180 a square + the special capping that is required and thats around 30 dollars per 10 feet.

I can get Timberlines and Landmarks at the big boxes in my area. Both are still good products.