Anyone have experience with Readyslate?

Anyone have experience with Readyslate?

If you’re interested to a regular slate alternative, check out Brava.

Homeowners are interested in the readyslate. Partially because of the weight factor as they only have metal shingles on now.

I looked at the samples they got, looks like a quality product. It is actual slate, just thinner and on what looks like a polyglass mat. I have a healthy skepticism for composites.

Roof is 8/12 pitch, and will likely see some snow/ice. Any particular reasons to choose Brava instead?

It is very light weight and more durable than slate. Call Brava and ask them to send you a sample. You’ll see when you have it in front of you.

I know this comes a year late, but just in case anyone reads this message in the future:

Full disclosure, I work at CUPA PIZARRAS, producers of READYSLATE.

This is a new product designed for to be lighter and easier to install than our core product, traditional natural slate. The key factor here is that we only use 100% natural slate, with all the advantages of the core material. We are honestly quite proud of it and its performance, and the feedback we’ve been getting from roofers is very positive.

I’ll be happy to put anyone in contact with other roofers that have already tested out the product.

Easiest way to do that would be for you to contact our sales representative Morgan Cathey from our US partners Vermont Slate (, but you can also get in touch with our Readyslate product manager, Pablo (

Hope that helps!