Anyone here use a Nail Horn?

Hey All

I was just wondering if anyone here has ever heard of a horn or use one for hand nailing?

I was taught by some old roofing guys that have been doing it since they where 15.

From day one I roofed by hand out of a horn, used a hip-pad, and hatchet for gauge, a bdl. of shingles on the knee, and away we go, did that for over 10 years, now I use air cuz arm cant take it anymore.

Anyhow just was wondering if there are still some old school roofers out there??

P.S. I think its the best way to roof.

yes ther are roofers stipp out there that use all that stuff. bot the horn is called a nail stripper, I don’t know if these are both the same design but with the stripper you just drop a handfull of nails in and it then positions then so you can grap 1 at a time in the right direction.