Anyone know anything about Sentinel Copper Art PVC?

We’re looking at a roofing material for out flat-roofed covered walkways. We’d love real copper, but of course, not the price tag.

Is anyone familiar with this product? It looks like it might be a good fit for us…

Sentinel Copper Art

JLC article about Sentinel Copper PVC

Saw your other post, copper is a great roofing product but not a good walkable surface. You are in the right direction with pvc, you need a product designed for foot traffic and not slippery when dirty or wet.

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ask someone who has installed it and assess its durability

Yeah - That’s kind of what I was hoping for here – Anyone here know about this product?

User name checks out.

We have installed sentinel PVC and it is a great PVC product. We have not installed Copper Art yet but I have very high confidence in Soprema products.