Anyone tired of not working ? we are

I need to come out … I am a very experienced roofing mec with a wide background ofon the job experiance and have been in the bizz for 20 nyrs but in buisiness only 1 year… we need work… I am now subing a roof for 1000 dollars ,85 pr sq and its a tear off, 12 sq 1 story jacker over the water on a very small dock, had to spend hours in prep to provent all waste from going into the water… the job will end up taking 3 days, I am not making shit, what should we be getting a sq ? anyone? in short, we , there are 2 of us ,we do very detailed work… dont have enough work ever … looking here for help… work etc… phili or south jersey area…insured and nj…

you need to spend money to make money. invest in advertising, which will generate leads. if you work for yourself you have to be a good salesman and businessman on top of a good roofer. you can be the best roofer in the world…but if you lack people skills no one will trust you to do the work no matter what references or skills you have. 90% of customers pick a roofer based on a gut feeling they get from the salesman.

try for your city-list under ‘skilled trade services’.free!!