Anyone use Geocel 2300 ? drying or set up time?

Ok I ran a bead of the Geocel 2300 and after more than 12 hrs it is still softer than I think it should be. The bead is only lie 3/8" deep and wide.

Its not tacky or sticky but seems really soft. The tube says " wait at LEAST 24 hrs before painting and some paint wants to wait 5 days "

Seems as though it should be like silicone and be set up by now fairly firm ??? :roll:

The surface has cured and can now be painted.
The caulk will continue to cure over time and become the consistency you are expecting.
How long this will take depends on the particular brand of caulk.


It takes what it takes.


It takes what it takes.

I see… great answers …

I looked up the tech data sheet on the web and it says

5 days cure time, 2 hrs tack free :twisted:

well the tec shet said a 1/2" x 3/8" bead takes 6 days. My bead is probably larger than this and its been 10 days.

It is NOT tacky but still feels way too soft. Do you dudes think it will set up after awhile ??

I wondered now if the outside is dry maybe the inside will never cure ??

Whacha think


what are you using it for ? I never really liked Geocell. Tremco Dymonic is about the best for reglets and many other applications.

As long as it has cured enough on the exterior bead to not break open when you run a paint brush over it, the results will be just fine.

1-2 days at most should have been good enough for that, but pay attention and see if any liquid like texture seems to be oozing out.


I used it to caulk a bead along an open joint on an addition roof valley.

I dont see anything ozzing out its just still soft, not tacky but it feels like you could stick your finger right thru it.

Do you think it will ever set up firm ??


It will be plyable. Why do you want it to be hard?

Just go up there and push your finger thru it.

Hummmm I dont want it hard, Bu it is NOT set up like it should be. It is not tacky but it is way too soft to be cured. I know it will be pliable but there is a diff between pliable and cured firm :wink:


Go up and push your finger thru it.

Thanks Lefty you are a great help I appreciate it.


So did you do it?

Yup, wanna smell my finger now :stuck_out_tongue:


Well what happened?

I am not being a wise ass.

We have 25 cases of geocell in stock (so we use it). The consistincy you are experiencing is correct.


Well what happened?

I am not being a wise ass.[/quote]

LMAO over here… :smiley:

no I didnt try it,I am pretty sure it will be soft in the middle like an uncooked cookie

Smell? No.

Pull? Maybe.