Apron flashing to cover corners along sides of chimney?

is this the type of flashing typically used for the sides of the chimney so rain water rolls off and wouldnt reach the corner of where the roof meets the chimney walls? in my area i have seen this (not sure if they are called apron flashings) and they look like they seal off the sides along the chimney well and they are painted the same color of the stucco of the chimney. any help would be great…

Step flashing is typically used for the side of the chimney.
Sometimes it will be a continuous flashing (one long piece as opposed to a step flashing for each individual shingle).

The apron flashing would be what goes over the front of the chimney as opposed to the saddle/cricket at the back.

Did you have new flashing installed or are there still questions from the last time you were here?

nothing else has been done besides letting the water run freely under the ends of the stucco so it can run down the sides of the chimney. there are chimneys i have seen that have one long piece of metal going down each side. im trying to figure out what that is and how it is fixed to the side of the stucco. nothing overlaps it. it looks like it is in addition to all the regular flashings one would have under shingles and wrapped around chimney.

You said they added new step flashing, this is probably what you are seeing.

The step flashing would be up the sides of the chimney, from what you described they didn’t replace the apron flashing.

Is this chimney leaking or is it still making you uneasy?

That would be counter flashing what your asking here…

im not sure about this…is not any type of step flashing…my chimney has never leaked and i tend to worry about things. how do you fix the counter flashing aginst the stucco if that is in fact what it is…? it literally sits on top of the shingles and sealed with the top pressed on the stucco for the rain to roll off


this is close to what ive seen! this is just a shorter version and the metal looks thinner here. how do you put these in correctly. it doesnt look difficult

this is close too


this is close to what ive seen! this is just a shorter version and the metal looks thinner here. how do you put these in correctly. it doesnt look difficult[/quote]

The picture in the link looks like a rubber flashing, this won’t work with stucco.

From the pictures you posted earlier it looked like the stucco was the counter flashing.

this is close too[/quote]

That one looks like metal and appears to be (original) right.

dont know what to say. there are about a dozen houses with stucco chimneys with the same long piece of metal of the corners along each side of the chimney. i wish i just knew how to install them. id think you can get them at lowes or home depot

If it aint leaking…WHY are you wantin to mess with it?? :?

could something like this be pressed up against the corner and caulked on top where the “H” is at the stucco and have the bottom sit on the shingles?


If it aint leaking…WHY are you wantin to mess with it?? :?[/quote]

pretty good question…to me it just looks like i add one little thing to make it last longer

can you all take a look at my prior post please?

have the “H” bent outward if ya do,its called a gum lip around these parts…

What you are seeing is most likely counter flashing.

People do things differently, some just do it wrong.
There is more than one way to correctly do just about anything.
There is always good, better, and best.

Your chimney looks to be all stucco, I didn’t see any counter flashing, in your case the counter flashing is the stucco.
Other chimneys/walls look different because they were done differently to begin with.
The original builder put more time, material, and money into one and less on the other.

Installing counter flashing on your chimney involves cutting into the stucco and installing one.
If you are going to do this you might as well do the actual flashing also, and make a real saddle.
This isn’t a DIY job.

If you can provide pictures of the chimney from all sides we can be of much more help to you.

The members here are some of the best roofers you will find, if there isn’t one in your area someone here most likely knows someone who is.

ok ill post some pics soon of all sides. if i an leave everthing like it is and have it last 25 years or so, that’d be what im looking for…

amanda(I assume thats your name) please do this for me. Please, pretty please, stop worrying about your chimney. It may not last another 25 but it’s going to last some. let it last. In the meantime just know in the back of your mind it may be something you need to replace down the road. Have a budget for it. IF it fails, call a professional to fix it, or find someone from this site to fix it.
Based on all the questions you are asking, you are not cut out to perform this job. This is not supposed to be an insult I’m just trying to give you good direction. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

down the road, say something does happen…would it be a job that can be done while keeping the roof i have? (new cricket, flashing, stucco, etc) or does that mean the whole roof has to be redone again…AND if something does occur where it fails, any idea how soon i would know? i wouldnt want it to be to the point where its been long enough without me having a clue and real damage is done.