Architects, roofers, gcs, designers need to look at this

This is the best synthetic product I have seen… Many style and colors… Looks so real but is made of recycled plastics… Looks like slate, shake, or spanish barrel tile… Easy to install… Titan Roof Systems - More colors than website shows… This product is a great option for reroofs because its lightweight. Weighs about the same as high end architectural shingles. YOu have to check it out… Finally, a synthetic that has a great profile and colors… A great way to seperate yourself from competetitors


I just checked it out… It looks like synthetic tile made out of plastic. It will seperate you from your competetors alright. They will still be in business and you wont.

Now Tamko’s LAmarite is recycled synthetics, and seems to be doing pretty good. I almost bought a mansard house (all the way to the ground) with it. No out building, though.

The website doesnt have the best pics… They have better looks than the few pictures on the website… I think everyone would be surprised…

roofguy, you seem to be in the wrong place, synthetic shakes and slate is not the answer to every roof. and from what I am guessing is you have a direct interest in titan. I looked over the internet and i don’t see hardly anything on titan manufacturing. That must mean they are fairly new. I have seen so many synthetics come and go. Have they tested it for freeze/ thaw? what were the results of salt spray testing?? Did they get brittle on the excelerated exposure deck?

yea, what he said and how long before the red fades to pink???

thats funny when i click the link it cant find the site…did they go under since the begining of this topic?

It seems the only link that works is the one in the “Cedar Shakes - Pros and Cons?” post.

i found it…personally i think the roof on the left of the page looks like @$$

thats a personal opinion, but i think many would like the look of 1" thick slate… other 3/16’’ and 1/4’’ synthetic slates look to much like a 3 tab shingle… the website is Ifyou would see the product in person I think your opinions would differ… All their testing info is on the website… if you dont like synthetics you dont like them, but if you do this a prodcut you may want to check out… guys have loved wroking with the prodcut… Easier than the real thing and similiar to an asphalt install…they even have a solid back piece for valley and gable ends. the only direct interest i have in titan is that ive installed it and would love to do many more… But nobody really knows about them cuz they are new… i dont know y the links dont work but the its www

The links dont work :smiley: because you are advertising junk in the wrong forum. Ill bet they work in the classifieds!!