Architectural vs 3 tab on 5 in 12 slope based on appearance

I had a roofing estimator tell me that three-tab shingles might be a better choice because my 5 in 12 slope roof doesn’t have enough slope for the “full effect” of the architectural shingles. The house is a 2 story colonial. I certainly like the look of architectural shingles, but if he’s right maybe it doesn’t matter. Is the difference that architectural are more expensive? Are there 3 tab with longer than 30 Year warranties?
Here is a picture of the front of the house:


The price difference is minimal.Stay with the archs,yes they still will be visible and they are a better product (IMO)Maybe the guys trying to sell you some bargain basement leftover or discontinued stock.Get a second and third opinion from different companies as well.I never sell 3-tabs,I don’t think anybody in my area does and haven’t seen many done for a decade at least.


If you like architectural shingles. Then put them on.
You will see the difference.

Architectural shingles are not a better shingle. The reason more are used is because people like the look. Also because contractors like to install them.

I didn’t get the impression the guy was trying to push me for anything other than his opinion on the appearance. In fact, In hindsight, maybe I should have stressed at the beginning that I want quality, not saving a buck here or there. Certainteed Landmark 30 and XT30 were his suggestions.
I certainly do like the look of the Architectural and after walking around the neighborhood and looking at the other houses, I see his point. When close to the house looking up, you really can’t see the texture of the shingles on the houses with the lower slopes.

Lefty thinks there is no dif. but there is quite a big dif… For 1 the 30- 40- limited lifetime… 2 they seal way better and if installed properly will withstand 80-130 mile an hour winds…3 they have more astetic apeal…color varieations within the same shingle. I give the 30 yr archs for the same price as 3 tabs. you can get a 30 yr 3 tab also , but why use them when they are out dated,I.M.O. I also use Timbertex cap ,they have a better wind rating and they realy stand out and make a difference to the eye, not everyone will spend the extra bucks to make the job stand apart from the rest of the neighborhood!Gaf/Elk is My preference…I.M.O.