Are there any roofing gloves that last longer than a day?

Weather was nice enough today to start a re-roof. took off 20sq of shakes that looked like they were from 1960 and a layer of t-lock under that. then got the new shingles all reinstalled before the sun went down. sad thing is by the time i was 1/2 way across the roof the left fingers blew on a pair of leather gloves.
I have ordered the cotton gloves with the rubber coating in bulk before for .50ea and I think they last almost as long as the 9.00 leather.
have any of you guys used the dwalt work gloves and do they last all day? thanks

i dont know of any gloves that can withstand roofing.

There are not any that i know of.

these work preety well, most get a week or so out of them. … 5789460026

Rubber palms last a while and you can finger nails and srews, and they keep the hands fairly warm.


Try these. … YAodOjO3Qw. These are Atlas gloves they normally last for about 2 weeks. We use the blues in the summer and the grey thermals in the winter.


Yes. I dont know what they are called but i but them at roofmart. They have a rubber layer on a fitted glove.they are awintewr glove called somthing like thermal. They are very comfortable and last about three days. There these other glove that are very thin and not very good for the winter but last alot longer than any glove i ever used. they look like glove micheal jacson glove. People on the job site laugh and make jokes about them but if they tried them they would like em.

ATLAS Fit 451 Gray Thermal Work Gloves MEDIUM M 12 Pair
Thats the name o09f em they work pretty well

Tried a few from Ebay all were Atlas. The best were the really thin white Atlast gloves that worked excellent for roofing. A pair could last shingling a couple days (20 sq’s a day). Recall paying $3-4 a pair shipped and only picked up four pairs. They fit your hand perfect but didn’t work the best when it got windy and below 0.

Hay roofboy you can get the same kind of gloves on your site you listed for 1.59 per pair at Harbor freight stores or there web sight with no minium to buy

I heard of one guy that duct-tapes his figertips before every job.

i used to paper tape my fingertips in the hot weather to protect against the evil rosebuds–personally i prefer the stanley "ironclad"fingerless—fit like racing gloves,and last a couple of months

There’s a Harbor Freight not more than 13 minutes drive away from me; I need to go & check them out for the gloves (didn’t see any yesterday when I was trolling their shop, but I wasn’t looking specifically for anything).

For sure, you have to be careful in what you buy @ Harbor Freight… some of the stuff looks like the Chinese people who make it have been on the job for 3 days.

I wish their power tools came with cases, too (the Chicago Machine orange tools, that is). I might be tempted to try some of the stuff out if they came with cases.

The occasions I have to use a Sawzall are somewhat limited, but I would like to have one available… Harbor Freight wants something like $ 30.00 or mabye even as low as $ 20.00 for one (corded). Compare that to Milwaukee @ “Big Orange Box” for $ 120.00 or more.

The gloves are yellow and say Gordon on them

hey farmingtonroofer
go on the web site that roof boy is telling you about , because we use that sort of glove in the england and they are really good they out last any leather gloves , they are very hard wearing .

all the best john

Hey all, I saw atlas at the roof show in Las Vegas, and i gave em hell for you. Just standing up for the cause.

Ironclad’s Heavy Utility gloves last me for months at a time. I cut the tips off of my left hand (you could buy them with the tips cut off already, their known as “framer’s” gloves).

I love them. Their washable. They last longer than the cotton throwaways, their safer, their more comfortable and more cost effective (their about $30./incl. tax). They should easily outlast you what it would cost you in cotton gloves.

I also have used these Youngstown’s Roofer’s Gloves that I for about $10-$15. They are great! … 60030t.jpg … 60042t.jpg … 9&keyword=

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