Are they cheating? Why did inspector approve it?

Are they cheating or is there something I don’t undserstand. Are the new leaks they caused going to be taken care of? The reroof job was started on Friday, July 13. It an 1800 sf flat roof on a townhouse in Miami. Its the raining season and we get rain every day. After 2 weeks we finally got
to less rainy day and they started the job.
They peeled back about 20% of the old roof plies
above the base tin cap sheet. So that area was cleared and from pictures in the permit bag it showed a light grey base sheet with many tincaps nailed down. The building inspector came and approved that inspection by initialing on the line printed “inspection before anchor sheet is covered.”

So now as they are peeling back and hot mopping
type IV fiberglass sheet to the base sheet. When they stopped working on that first day, they had about 50% of that work done. But on Saturday we had
about 10 minutes of medium rain and 5 wet spots appeared in the middle area of the wallboard ceiling in the back bedroom, which was in an area they had already hot mopped. They wont be back till monday.
Is this going to be a problem or will they be able to take care of it?

I think that because its raining season (and we are now in the middle of hurricane season) that the building inspector is probably inclined to lenient.
Although the contract calls for removal of the old roof down to the deck, I’m also inclinded to accept the situation as long as its not going to be a problem in sthe future, because of the rainy season.

The final cap sheet is supposed to be torch down modified bitumen.

On Monday morning they will be back to continue the work. I’m not sure what to do…Nat

If the roof is not finished of course it can leak .

A good roofing contractor knows the forecast and if they have a roof open they have to go cover it up with plastic or something .

They gonna have to fix your leaks unless is states different in your agreement or any other exclusion .

as far as the inspector they don’t check waterproofing and sadly in many cases they don’t even look at the roof.

Talk to your roofing contractor first not here .


The inspector okayed the work done to that point. Not the finished product.

your just now getting your roof done?
welcome to miami huh.

ditto, Q & lefty.


Ditto Gweedo; while he’s got a lot more of it than me, we both have experience roofing in Florida.

I have a LOT of experience about working in South Florida (Broward, Palm Beach, Saint Lucie Counties) both in & related to the permitting process (15+ years).

Your inspector checked the progress so far; you have an intermediate approval to continue in the same fashion as started.

There is a possibility your contract specifically excludes any repairs to interior spaces, only to rectify the roofing damage alone & make the roof watertight.