Are We Above The Rest And a Little Different?

Are We Above The Rest And a Little Different?

Clicked on your link…not sure if those pictures on the main page are of your jobs but instantly saw 2 issues . The top photo has underlayment running the wrong direction. The picture of the gambrel has guys basically rappelling a slope without full body harnesses on. Wouldn’t be advertising either practice.

Not trying to rain on your parade, just need to watch your image. People don’t always pick up on things but sometimes they do. Someone posted a link to there potential contractors site on here a few months back. There web site had a pictures of shingles being installed over bare plywood. Didn’t look too good, highly doubt they went with that contractor.

I have see people’s website with pictures of roof overs mid install, cedar on a 1/12, underlayment the wrong way. All thing that if you have some moderate roofing knowledge You would know where dead wrong. You just have to watch what you put out there.

Our company does all sorts of custom work, steep work, crazy setups ECT. When I take pictures I take regular progress shots for our use, but also take pictures specifically for the web and social media.

If you’ve done any SEO on your website, it’s not obvious to me. Do you have City/Landing pages? If you don’t have SEO and landing pages, very few people will see your website anyway so it is mostly irrelevant.

You never worked for my company or you wouldn’t be saying the crap about not being able to perform basic processes. There’s a number of large, reasonably competent roofing contractors in the Indianapolis market. When you’re doing $10M plus per year and have basic processes down, like a properly designed website, come back and tell everyone how brilliant you are again.

That would indeed be marvelous advise for you to consider.

A basic and simple task huh? LMAO We’ll see where you’re at for keyword searches next summer. Given that time is a significant contributing factor with Google algorithms, your statement reveals just how little you actually know.

I’ll leave you alone now in order that you can go back to making a fool of yourself.

My feedback:
It sounds like you have run into alot of human error.
The guy hovering on the roof looks creepy.
When viewing the pictures I couldn’t hit the little X with my finger and found it difficult to close the pictures.
Pictures with people working is not a good idea to me.
I lose interest when I can’t zoom in without the picture getting instantly fuzzy.
Anytime someone has said gotcha to me it was not the greatest feeling.

Take what AD said and apply it, don’t worry about how it made you feel. You asked for the feedback.

Good luck. Remember you don’t have to be the best, just better then you were the day before.


I am fairly intelligent, (for a roofer) and have no clue what you are even talking about. You may trick customers in bigger markets but would never survive in a smaller referral based area. 8 years experience and this is where you are? All of a sudden I respect some of my laborers a lot more!

Also AD is an established member of this forum and very knowledgeable. You are a person who thinks he is making money and turned to insults when things didn’t go the way you wanted to get stroked.
My website is not good either but we do know how to put a roof on properly. You and your partner had to worry about spending an “arm and a leg” on labor to do a basic gambrel roof and didn’t even know the underlayment was done wrong? Come back after you do a few of those with 3 layers, resheath and no access Junior. Sorry we’re just all disgruntled.

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